Monday, 16 September 2013

Cuties Reunite!

For most the weekend is never long enough, and we aren't any different. We love the free time for everyone to get together to hang out, rest and relax. But since having Ciel with us Jack is super pumped for Monday mornings to greet her! He even jumps up and down at the door :) so heart warming.


We had a fab time slipping ack into our routine of morning play, walk and park. Both were very pleased to be back together!  It was a little nippy this morning so Jack was able to model his new Jackasaurus hat (spikes getting added tonight!). 

Jack even surprised us both (after an initial grumpy moment) by doing a fabulous job sharing his new bundle of toys. Somehow new toys are harder to share than his cast of regulars.  With a little encouragement he warmed right up to giving her some of the cars he was driving around. 

He really took the assignment to heart and individually drove each little car over to Ciel while she had her snack and drink.  He's been working really hard on sharing and it was a lovely little moment to give this Momma hope. And make her really proud :)


  1. Just what she wants... a lap full of cars and trucks!!! When she is all grown up and wondering why she loves cars so much... we will know.. won't we!

  2. Agree with Donna - we'll know who to credit when she becomes the first female Topgear presenter. Love Jack's hat. Don't forget his Norwegian toque with the wee Viking horns though! Imported at great expense