Monday, 23 September 2013

Bubbles at the Park!

(A complete backlog of blogging has happened... Scotty was away and that just meant I ran out of time and energy at the end of the day to blog. Apologies!)

Today was a rainy drizzly day without that much actual precipitation. Thankfully because we're having a new roof put on and that would just be bad news. Also, we love playing at the park and rain kinda puts a damper on things.

"Ouch Momma! Bubble head!" Ah mister drama :)

We went to a fabulous birthday party on the weekend for Thomas and brought home the cutest Mickey Mouse treat bag that had many cute things plus bubbles in it! So we brought them along to the park since everything was too wet to play on!

Disappointment that the bubbles aren't blowing themselves!
Jack's I-have-bubbles-on-my-mouth face.  He actually liked it so I had to take away the bubble wand lol.
They both took turns blowing bubbles, which was a struggle and ended up in frustration and bubble solution on their lips!  Thankfully running after bubbles is much more fun so we had a grand old time chasing, popping and squealing. 

Absolutely loved their enthusiasm chasing the bubbles!
And I just have to share this video of them at the store today. They were totally loving shopping AND the cookie the baker gave them! When I say double the toddler, double the fun this is exactly what I mean :)

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  1. Cracked me up every time I watch that fun little video... CRAZY