Thursday, 5 September 2013

Arnold the Pig

Did I mention I love to knit!?  And when I find a cute pattern I have to make it. Sometimes the projects come to a screeching halt because the difficulty level exceeds how cute the item is. Thankfully I was able to tough it out long enough to complete Arnold.

Arnold is a little pig from Kipper. He is a toddler character who sucks his thumb and has little adventures, often unknown to the other characters. He hardly says anything and yet says so much with his little smirks and expressions. He completely stole my heart and Jacks too! Quite a while ago I spotted a knit Arnold on Pinterest. I knew Jack would love him! Stephanie tracked me down the pattern and Jack picked out the yarn.  I was so excited to get a start on it!

It took a couple weeks and a redo, rip out and a frustrated toss across the room. But I finished it and seamed it all just before Jack woke up from his nap this weekend:) so Scott and I got to surprise him with Arnold when he woke up.

We had just came through his bedroom door and poked Arnold's head in the door :)!

Jack giving me the "But I do get to keep him right?" face!
If I had my time back I would  have ordered some lovely knitpicks yarn, but I honestly didn't think I would love it as much as I do as a finished product haha :) Oh well perhaps I will make an Arnold II someday with nicer yarn.  For now, we have this little cutie to snuggle with!

Snuggles with Arnold after naptime while watching Kipper.
Feeding Arnold his after nap snack <3!
He totally loved him! It was so fun to surprise him and thankfully Jack could tell right away who it was and gave him a huge hug :) totally worth all the hard work! I meant to post this earlier in the week but Ciel and Jack are just too cute NOT to share pictures of :)

See!? They are just so sweet together I had to share this completely unrelated picture in this post of their first shopping trip together! (I was stopped three times and asked if they were my twins. LOL!)



  1. We all loved (love) Kipper in this house. And Arnold - how Kipper or was it Tiger? pronounced Arnold's name. It is one of the best kid's shows, bar none. If you can find it, check out Eddie and the Bear - another super Brit children's animated show. Great job on the Arnold Stuffy Michelle - you're WAY more adventurous than I. Very inspiring!!

  2. Where did you find the pattern? I love this and have looked everywhere!
    He is so adorable!