Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A few Words Wednesday: Park!

We started off our morning out for a lovely walk in the cool breeze. Amazingly this little bunny was out having a munch of grass and TOTALLY made their day :). We have also spotted a family of bunnies (Momma and babies) on the weekend but they weren't around today. Lucy was with us too as always and really loved watching the bunny also... but in a different way haha. 

After completely loving this bunny and yelling to it for several minutes we decided to move on to the park :)!

Rain has gone away, so it was time to get out there and play!

I love this Romeo and Juliet shot of them - they were sorting out the logistics of rock throwing down the slide.

We all loved playing at the park :) It was so fun for them to have lots of time to explore and play together. We will certainly be revisiting daily for optimal funness! Lucy enjoyed a long rest with us tied up by the slide which was so nice for her too to get uninterrupted nap time while the littles were playing. :)

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  1. Love seeing the pics of Jack and Ciel having so much fun together! I can't believe how much hair Jack has now.