Monday, 30 September 2013

Chasing Bubbles Cures All!

Sadly the cold I battled last week and am just getting over is now something Jack is struggling with.  He's a real champ when he's sick, but its still no fun feeling under the weather.  After a nice LONG walk where we saw our bunny friend and two very friendly doggies, we played at the park for a long while and then I hauled out the bubbles for one last hurrah since they are now empty.  He had a really great weekend potty training - we are really gaining some momentum.  Of course being sick puts anyone off and he had some accidents today that were frustrating to him.  Thankfully a trip to the park chasing bubbles with a great little friend (in a super cute hat <3) heals all wounds and he was cheery again!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Eating off Daddy's Plate!

No, really. It's Scott's plate! 

Obviously not his recent regular dinner plate, but an awesome one from his childhood! Jack loves airplanes and the whole separate deep sections totally suits a toddlers cuisine!

Our little foodie is loving his new platter for eating all the yummy things he loves :) 


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Few Words Wednesday: Potty Adventure Day One and Rain!

Today was an extremely successful first day of pottying. All three of us (Jack, Ciel and I) are learning and being patient with each other as we all get used to the potty being a permanent fixture in our day. 

It was a rainy day today. It we went out anyway in the morning. It was fun to play with wet rocks and sand! A totally different feel to them and it was fun making dirt piles that stuck together 

  It was certainly a day full of celebrations, reading, snacks, lots of liquids and shows. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Potty Journey Begins

I have no words to express my excitement and apprehension. And dismay that my little baby is growing up so fast. And my excitement that my little baby is growing up so fast. As you can see its a conflicting time in my life haha. 


Monday, 23 September 2013

Bubbles at the Park!

(A complete backlog of blogging has happened... Scotty was away and that just meant I ran out of time and energy at the end of the day to blog. Apologies!)

Today was a rainy drizzly day without that much actual precipitation. Thankfully because we're having a new roof put on and that would just be bad news. Also, we love playing at the park and rain kinda puts a damper on things.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Roar Jackasaurus (and cookies!)

I seamed quickly last night and got his hat all dino'd up! I simply loved the pattern and we just love Jack with Dino spikes. Oh did I also mention he runs around roaring fiercely while wearing it? Just too hilarious.
The only shot I got of Jack outside today! He was loving the sunshine and his new hat!
I planned to snap a bundle of great detailed pics of the hat today in the morning sunlight while we were out playing on our big walk. But there was a running-wildly-faceplant incident :( and smooshfaced Jack had his first nosebleed when I was way to far from any Kleenex. His mittens may never be the same but Jack totally trooped through. More hat pictures tomorrow :)

 We headed out for a shopping excursion and they were such dolls. Babies in pink/blue combo are real crowd pleasers so Jack and Ciel had a good time waving and smiling. 

Seriously in the top ten hilarious photos of Jack.

My little hoodies decided they needed to look very cool in the parking lot.
Jack totally enjoys having a fun partner in crime to be out shopping with. We swung by Tim Horton's and we all had bites of a molasses cookie. So yummy!

Jack grabbed my arm and patted it, as I handed him his piece and said "Thank you. Good Girl, Momma!" So glad that he's appreciating the concept of sharing :)!

Coveting his "shared" cookie :)

Monday, 16 September 2013

Cuties Reunite!

For most the weekend is never long enough, and we aren't any different. We love the free time for everyone to get together to hang out, rest and relax. But since having Ciel with us Jack is super pumped for Monday mornings to greet her! He even jumps up and down at the door :) so heart warming.


We had a fab time slipping ack into our routine of morning play, walk and park. Both were very pleased to be back together!  It was a little nippy this morning so Jack was able to model his new Jackasaurus hat (spikes getting added tonight!). 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Storm's a Brewin'...

... And I don't even have to check my weather app to let me know. Both of the littles had rocky sleeps last night so when they joined together this morning it spelled out a difficult day. I'm no stranger to the moods of kids being shaped by the weather, or by holidays. Or by long weekends.  These things happen and you've just gotta roll with it. Thankfully these two are so cute and full of love it was easy to help them through their troubles.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Big Picnic Adventure at the Farm!

Today we returned to Hennigars farm to have a picnic adventure! They have so many great animals and fun places to play. We visited all of the animal friends first! Jack loves to yell "quaaaaaaaaaaaack!" at the ducks knowingly, like he is speaking in their particular dialect.  Amazingly it was official feeding time for the ducks and they couldn't have cared what he was yelling because they were busy digging in. 

The goats were entertaining as ever. These ones are very eager to see people and love to bleat loudly. Ciel found it really amusing but decided it would be best to keep her distance. Just as well because she is cute enough to eat up - and goats totally would love a nibble! They were energetic later on and had head butting games to entertain us while we ate in front of their pen on the grass for our picnic. 

The ever-popular bunny pen was the highlight of the animal visits since these bunnies are so people friendly. Jack loves bunnies and was able to pat this little baby bunny right on the head although somehow I missed getting a picture of that. 

We met up with friends at Hennigars for a play date so Jack and Ciel had another little boy to play with too. He's got lots of energy like them so all three of them booked it around the farm. We climbed "big hill" and they managed to hold still long enough for a group shot. Notice their are-we-done-yet faces looking longingly down the hill.

Ciel was totally in love with their John Deer Tricycle track. There were more bikes than kids so then three could easily maneuver the track. Sometimes it was just as fun to push the bikes as ride them around. 

We sat on the blanket and shared a great feast of food. The ducks were near by us and quickly put together what the picnic blanket signified. Not too long later we were slowly surrounded by not so timid birds. No worries, Jack is a master bird shooer (all his experience shooing crows off our lawn from the main window) and taught Ciel his ways. 

Both of them were completely pooped for nap time which made for long sleeps and happy babies when they woke up. They are slowly syncing up their nap routines and enjoy waking up together snuggling on the couch discussing milk, blankies and Baby Einstein. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Pairing up: Learning to share and be friends!

Now that all the newness has worn off of Ciel being with us each weekday, both of them are working hard on being a good friend and sharing.  As under two year olds, it is tricky business trying to think of other people besides themselves and they are doing a great job focusing on being a good friend to each other. 

Every morning around 8:00am (or a little later on these very cool mornings!) we head out for a big walk in the stroller with Lucy and then finish at the park to play for an hour.  They have totally mastered the art of conversation in the stroller and love to point things out to each other.  While there are moments where shoes bump accidentally crossing the centre divide and causing havoc, they have gotten the whole stroller ride down pat.  

The park has so many things for the kids to do - but of course there isn't two of everything.  The art of "waiting your turn" is something they are getting experience with.  It is also teaching me a great deal about mediation and when to let them sort it out themselves.

When it comes to toys we have a lot of options in our playroom, but of course it doesn't matter how many toys you have when both kids want the clothespin they discovered.  Just today though they discovered how fun it can be to both play with the same toy as they raced around the basement kicking the huge green ball and squealing, and playing with the wooden trains.

I'm so glad for Jack and Ciel for them to discover so early that things are the most wonderful when shared with a good friend :).

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Arnold the Pig

Did I mention I love to knit!?  And when I find a cute pattern I have to make it. Sometimes the projects come to a screeching halt because the difficulty level exceeds how cute the item is. Thankfully I was able to tough it out long enough to complete Arnold.

Arnold is a little pig from Kipper. He is a toddler character who sucks his thumb and has little adventures, often unknown to the other characters. He hardly says anything and yet says so much with his little smirks and expressions. He completely stole my heart and Jacks too! Quite a while ago I spotted a knit Arnold on Pinterest. I knew Jack would love him! Stephanie tracked me down the pattern and Jack picked out the yarn.  I was so excited to get a start on it!

It took a couple weeks and a redo, rip out and a frustrated toss across the room. But I finished it and seamed it all just before Jack woke up from his nap this weekend:) so Scott and I got to surprise him with Arnold when he woke up.

We had just came through his bedroom door and poked Arnold's head in the door :)!

Jack giving me the "But I do get to keep him right?" face!
If I had my time back I would  have ordered some lovely knitpicks yarn, but I honestly didn't think I would love it as much as I do as a finished product haha :) Oh well perhaps I will make an Arnold II someday with nicer yarn.  For now, we have this little cutie to snuggle with!

Snuggles with Arnold after naptime while watching Kipper.
Feeding Arnold his after nap snack <3!
He totally loved him! It was so fun to surprise him and thankfully Jack could tell right away who it was and gave him a huge hug :) totally worth all the hard work! I meant to post this earlier in the week but Ciel and Jack are just too cute NOT to share pictures of :)

See!? They are just so sweet together I had to share this completely unrelated picture in this post of their first shopping trip together! (I was stopped three times and asked if they were my twins. LOL!)


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A few Words Wednesday: Park!

We started off our morning out for a lovely walk in the cool breeze. Amazingly this little bunny was out having a munch of grass and TOTALLY made their day :). We have also spotted a family of bunnies (Momma and babies) on the weekend but they weren't around today. Lucy was with us too as always and really loved watching the bunny also... but in a different way haha. 

After completely loving this bunny and yelling to it for several minutes we decided to move on to the park :)!

Rain has gone away, so it was time to get out there and play!

I love this Romeo and Juliet shot of them - they were sorting out the logistics of rock throwing down the slide.

We all loved playing at the park :) It was so fun for them to have lots of time to explore and play together. We will certainly be revisiting daily for optimal funness! Lucy enjoyed a long rest with us tied up by the slide which was so nice for her too to get uninterrupted nap time while the littles were playing. :)