Friday, 16 August 2013

Visiting with Nana: Joining our routine!

Nana arrived late last night so Jack didn't get to see her until this morning! He was very excited and has loved having her around all day apart of his daily activity. 

We enjoyed our big morning walk, reading, eating, toys, games and shopping! Jack loved all the fun things his Nana brought him including some of Daddy's childhood Dino toys, a model airplane and a really fun story friend named Bigsby. He is the most adorable little reading friend because he responds to your voice as you read from one of his books. 

Jack was a little nervous of Bigsby maybe just because his curiously cute monster looks. But later in the day he loved to hear Daddy read the story while Bigsby added his cute little comments in a growly little voice. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We're in store for lots of beautiful weather and Nana loving!




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