Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Toddler Tuesdays: Great Discoveries in Little Things

Experiencing things through Jacks is so enjoyable! Little children have a way of finding and appreciating moments or things that pass by all too quickly in an adults normal day. We paused on our stroll and watched a ton of birds swooping into bushes after little berries. Jack giggled and eagerly watched them come and go. We were able to see several unique birds I have no idea what they are called but very cute and colourful. 

 We took an extra long walk because there was such a wonderfully cool breeze and bright sunshine.  Both Lucy and Jack loved it! The majority of our time was spent labelling things or learning new words. Our walk down commercial street which I usually find irritating because of the traffic was a gold mine of learning opportunities. When we got back Jack made a wonderful discovery - his little house has a working garage door!

I took a video of him playing with his animals and the garage. It's a little tricky to get working once it is fully opened so he needed some assistance. Since the discovery of the garage door he has treated the toy as though it is brand new to him, which I suppose in a way it is :).

I'm ever so grateful to be able to fill my day with his little wonders. :) It is so nice to be reminded how to soak up small things and not let them zip by unnoticed and more importantly, un-enjoyed! Here's hoping he inspires you to slow down and enjoy something wonderful yet simple that you usually pass by. 

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