Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Snack Mix

I don't know why until recently I hadn't thought about this. I always concerned myself with Jacks snack requests and took them seriously. He has specific ideas, as do we all, about what he wants when he wants it as far as snacks. He is very clear at least, so I'm not confused. 

We bounced between a variety of crackers and cereals. The problem would arise when I would wrongly anticipate the snack and he would fuss. Now, I'm not suggesting that this kid must be catered to like royalty but it is nice to have snacks on hand that work for both of us. 

So I combined a bunch of his favs and its working out great. I've mixed cheerios, penguins, ritz, shreddies and Crispix. More importantly he has become much less agitated and ornery about snacks. I keep a mix in the stroller and my purse in Tupperware which has put an end to carrying multiple snacks in wrappers etc. 

We are loving the mix! Like any fussy little guy he can now just pick and choose as he pleases which I think in a way makes him less apt to demand different things.  He graciously shares his snacks too which is nice for me and of course our little miss Lubear!


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  1. When I was there last week, I found a container in the stroller of the "mix" and I lined a few different snacks up on the roof of his "village" to keep "WooWoo" the dog out of them. Jack thought that was so fun, to see his snacks all lined up on the roof. I told him it was so that lucy didn't get his snacks. So.. every time he chose a tidbit.. he would look at Lucy and say No Woo Woo!