Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Costco Date with my wee one!

Scott and I are big Costco fans and we love Costco dates. Going to browse, explore, peruse and then scarf down a delicious meal from their snack counter which is reasonably priced considering one meal is like enough food for 6 people. Since we were up in the city yesterday to bring Nana to the airport it was about time Jack and I had a Costco date now that he's old enough to appreciate all the cool things in the store around him.

Nana knew we were heading to Costco so she gave Jack some spending money :). Jack had no trouble at all picking out a perfect toy for himself.

He actually shrieked "WOW DIGGERS!" from way across the clothing section. I hastily laid down the snowsuit I was sizing up for him (OMG I know it's August - don't think me a diehard winter lover. They just had good selection, which really isn't hard to believe considering everyone was avoiding the table of snow suits like the plague) and we zipped over to the huge wall of construction site diggers.

After he picked out two diggers he loved, his funny money was spent and we headed out to have lunch on their little cafe area. Since there were no seats to be found for little kids I opted for the "Momma lap highchair" and he gobbled up his food while trying to feed me too. 

I was stoked to use their huge bathroom to do his diaper change and my pee break before hitting the road back to the valley. Sadly it was not meant to be. We were in the bathroom less than a minute before another person used those great Dyson Air Blade hand dryers. Jack had an absolute terrified melt down and so we ended up doing the diaper change in the car after all.

We had a great date together - giving us lots of time to browse, laugh and take many silly pics together :)!

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