Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Cheese Pizza with Sneaky Sauce

I am not the first nor the last parent to gloss over the truth for all the right reasons. In a perfect world Jack would eat vegetables and meat by the handful without kicking up a fuss. Seriously though, I can only ask for so much and then I'm pushing it. Jack loves to eat and so I will take that and run with it. I decided to try blending some tofu and spinach into pizza sauce for his little pizzas I make ahead and freeze for dinners and lunches. (When I say pizza I really mean sliced bread slathered with pizza sauce and some kind of grated cheese.)

You may think that this was overkill. I made seven little pizzas for our freezer, but Jack ate three for lunch that day and Lucy stole one when I wasn't looking. So much for my big plan to have the freezer stocked. 
If you have trouble getting your little one to eat enough protein or vegetables in a days worth of meals then I suggest this route in addition to repeatedly offering new foods. Jack is really warming to chicken and peas so there may still be hope he won't turn into bowl of Mac N cheese one of these days.  He even ate handfuls of roasted edamame and two whole homemade chicken fingers which sorta just came out of the blue and pleasantly surprised us. I'm feeling a sense of relief, but I will certainly keep up this sauce trick for added greatness to one of his favourite foods - Pizza!

The Baby Bullet lives again! I forgot how cute the little cheeky smiles are!
Pizza Sneaky Sauce
Make as much as you like, freeze and store of later when using a blender is too loud or too time consuming. 

1/2 cup of pizza sauce 
Handful of spinach
2 heaping tablespoons of soft tofu

Throw into the blender and whizz away until smooth. The pizza sauce flavour completely dominates the added ingredients making it the perfect "sneaky sauce" to insure your little one is getting an extra amount of greens and protein. 

"Tofu and Spinach - say what?!" Just kidding. He just makes foolish faces for the camera regardless of what is on his pizza :)
The sauce actually turns out a little brownish coloured which I was worried would raise a red flag for Jack. But I just loaded it up with yummy grated cheese and he really had no problem. He noticed it was different so I told him it was "sneaky sauce" and he accepted it.  For those who have seen Jack perform his sneaky walk. you know that he loves the word sneaky. He loves pizza so much I could have blended in just about anything. :)

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  1. His Daddy was a chicken finger fiend - so there is hope. Love