Sunday, 11 August 2013

Summertime Pizza: BBQ Nann Bread Pizza

While I love certain things about summer, the overall heat factor does bother me.  Humidity makes my hair big, I feel the majority of my wardrobe is suited to other seasons, I despise bugs that thrive this time of year, and it is far too hot most days to cook with your oven unless you want to melt. Thankfully we can still enjoy pizza thanks to this bomb-diggity idea to BBQ pizzas on Nann bread.

We buy Nann bread to have with curry (Superstore sells a variety of yummy ones for a good price) but to have them as pizza base is brilliant. I'm sure many of you have tried this - but let me be in awe because this was our first time trying it :). I love doing the whole from scratch dough but it's just too darn hot for that. Also, ain't nobody got time for that on a lazy Sunday. 

Obviously you can go in any direction you want when it comes to sauce and toppings from pesto base with goat cheese (Hello, you delicious thing you) to your typical tomato sauce meat and cheese. So I am not going to bother typing out an official recipe. Instead just this one liner;

For a more enjoyable way to eat pizza in the inferno summertime heat, substitute Nann bread for dough and cook on BBQ on low until crisp bottom and melty cheese. 

Tonight we did mozzarella, mushrooms, pepperoni and a garlic tomato sauce using up some things we had kicking around the fridge. 

Scotty had the BBQ on low and within a few minutes the crust crisped up so nicely and cheese melted. I love a crisp crust so you can actually pick it up to eat. This worked out magnificently and the house is still a pleasant temperature. Thanks Grammie campers for inspiring me to try out the pizza. 

We've all had relaxing weekend visiting Papa a d Mimi camping, and hanging around the house. Sirius had another visit to the vet and while his recovery is progressing but he will need to go back in on Tuesday for additional surgery (but thankfully at no extra cost to us - we have an awesome vet).  He's his normal cheerful and snuggly self not quite enjoying his confinement to the office as much. The weekends make it lonesome for him so we spent a lot of time in there snuggling and visiting. Even Lulu haha! (She's actually just a jealous pooch who wants in on the lovin!)

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