Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summer Sickness: The power of Sleep!

Not at all what I thought I would be blogging about today. Our plans today included a road trip to Ashley and Bryons new house and Nana is arriving tonight. But alas change of plans - instead Jack woke up with a fever and upset. 

We headed out after a long snuggle session for a walk. He immediately passed out into a deep snooze. Since you always let sick sleeping babies sleep I walked for a whole hour. Then got back to the house and Lucy and I waited outside for another 45 minutes. 

 He finally awoke, only to be cranky and demand snuggles in his chair. So we went in and he he went back down for slept and slept an additional two hours totalling his nap to over 4 hours. Amazing. This kid hasn't sleep like that during the day since he was a newborn. 

Once he was up this kid wanted to run and play, and wear his helmet. I can't really give you a reason why he's wearing it. He just really wanted to wear it while he had his snack and watched Kipper. Despite a low grade fever that disappeared by bath time he seemed to bounce back thanks to a ton of resting.  

 I hate seeing our little bud sick, we're so glad to see him on the mend. It really reminded us that withy the end of summer comes the beginning of cold season.  We certainly haven't missed colds, and we will be glad to have our happy little guy back on time for his Nana to see him in the morning!



  1. Poor little Jack! Happy to see that he has bounced back and has his adorable smile, once again!

  2. Great way to end a cold... with a bubble bath! he is so adorable, even when he is sick!

  3. Glad to see the little fart is trending in the right direction. Nana is sooooo lucky that she gets to see you all. I'm jealous