Monday, 5 August 2013

Sirius our FrankenKitty!

The long weekend has been filled with ups and downs. We loved having time together, celebrating Scotty's Bday for 3 days in a row, having family come visit and getting to take turns sleeping in. Our poor mister Sirius had quite a downer of a weekend though. 

This poor kitty had to go in for emergency surgery on Saturday night to have his side repaired after a scary incident. From what we can determine he must have scrape up against a nail that was hidden in the framing under our stairs. (All fixed up now)

Our vet was amazing and met me right at the clinic. Without a technician to assist, I was able to stay with Sirius throughout the whole surgery and help as much as I could. I have to say it was completely gross to see all the stitches and help flush the wound. Sirius was a champ and we were home by midnight. Scotty slept downstairs in the office and helped Sirius adjust to life with a ton of stitches and drainage tube. 

He is doing well and on Wednesday when we go in to have the tube removed and then two weeks for the rest of the follow up. Thanks very much everyone for all your love :)! Our little guy is going to pull through and we appreciate all the support, it has been heartbreaking to see him in such rough shape. 

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