Monday, 12 August 2013

How we beat Monday Blues: Play, play and play!

It's Monday and we feel the best way to battle the beginning of the week blues is to play our hearts out. It's hard to imagine what a toddler could have Monday blues about, but even littles have troubles. His mostly surround the fact that Daddy has gone to work for the day and he gets only Mommy. Yup, life is rough as a little in our house. 

Thankfully this kid had more toys than he could play with in a week and a huge imagination. He loves to play pretend of all sorts. Sometimes he plays out sceanarios that he has lived through like saying goodbye Daddy when he goes to work, or helping a toy survive a "boo-boo". I experienced an adorable moment where Jack got Handy Manny all ready to "go work" and made sure he remembered his "purse" too!

We found lots of ways to belly laugh our way through Monday - including some hilarious PhotoBooth shots. My favourite is up there - but looks a little scary because it reminds me of the teletubbies sunshine. 

Of course a great deal of the day was spent in the little village with his animals. His pretend play is becoming quite elaborate, and he stays busy for 30 mins without looking up just moving these little guys to different doors and floors. 

And then there is the trains. Oh my soul - let me just say he completely loves them. Which leads us to believe we are really raising Sheldon Cooper.

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  1. I have the sweetest video of Jack playing with the village. The Tiger went in and out of the door several times and he moved from the front of the house to the back.. several times until he thought about just turning the house. He played so seriously, I had loads of time to find my phone, get the video started and then just videoed him. I just watched it this morning...