Thursday, 1 August 2013

Happy 26th Birthday Scotty the Hottie!

Wishing our favourite Scotty a very happy 26th birthday. :)! We started the day with presents, as every birthday should! Jack was a fabulous participant and delivered Daddy's gift alone without any assistance which was adorable. I did peek in to get their hug captured :) We got Daddy "From the Earth to the Moon" an HBO series we are IN LOVE with and have a very old copy. It will be re watched shortly!

Next we birthday booby-trapped Daddy while he was in the shower. I saw this idea on Pinterest for when your child wakes up on their birthday but there is no sense wasting all the fun stuff on kids only. See when you open the door all the balloons fall in on you like a birthday balloon shower. Apparently it scared the crap out of him which I didn't anticipate, but he found it very funny!

Jack was less than helpful in decorating because he just wanted to tear everything down and pop every balloon. While I decorated Scotty's office with birthday signs, balloons and streamers Jack watched "Belly Breathe" on YouTube which I highly recommend - its adorable and applicable for all ages haha. Jack sings it randomly during the day and I hope the message sticks with him. Thankfully it drew his attention away from the balloons long enough for me to put up signs and streamers.  I do love birthdays :)

Jack loved helping Daddy tear down the bathroom decorations and popped a balloon with his bare hands happily. I guess he has no fear of balloons popping which is a plus :) but I quickly removed all balloons from reach in fear he would try to pop one with his teeth. I totally was in awe of his bravery in the face of a balloon loudly popping in his face and thought of several people in my life who would not have survived (Yep, Megan and Mom I'm thinking about you <3!)

After work Scotty and Jack watched videos of Jack (a favourite pastime of Jack's) and one particularly hilarious one of Jack talking in the grocery store about buying Daddy a cake.  It was a great chance for these two to catch each other up on their day, since Jack and I were in Wolfville at a library playgroup and saw his favourite nesting pigeons Jack had a lot to tell!

And we bought him a cake! Jack blew out the candles three times while we tried to get a posed pic of them with the cake, so it was just time to stay true to the moment and capture the action shot. I am not sure where he learned to blow out candles with such gusto, but I think I have Elmo's World: Birthdays to thank. 

Jack adored the chocolate fudge cake... And can we blame him?

He hit a sugar craze shortly after which resulted in hyper babbling and cackling which I just have to share :)

(Just so you know his word for airplane and elephant is the exact same... Hence my confusion, I'm glad he set me straight!)

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  1. Looks (and sounds) like a great day all around. Happy Birthday Scott! From all of us with love... KofO