Thursday, 29 August 2013

Because Life is Funny like That.

Fall is coming :) we wore sweaters to the park this morning!!
 At the beginning of the week I had no idea that by Thursday I would have another little one in my life for the upcoming fall. But actually I love that life is unpredictable :) starting Tuesday we are having a bright, brilliant and oh so adorable little lady join our daily routine. It was just the perfect situation for both families and now our little ones will get to spend their days playing together. Love it.

Meet Ciel - sweetest little girl ever :)!
Today Ciel came for a practice run and stayed all morning :). We had a lot of fun pulling out pretty much every toy and playing. Jack is totally smitten with her and while they had their moments of toy struggles, they got along remarkably! Both of them have very similar temperaments, activity levels and sleep schedules. 
Playing so hard, they took a water break together which was just too cute.
Jack did very well sharing his Momma and toys all morning with Ciel. We are both so very excited for next week. To help Ciel fit into our daily routine perfectly we decided to make a little investment and get a double jogging stroller. Yes, oh yes, my heart is singing because on Saturday we are picking up a double BOB stroller. This will be perfect for Jack and Ciel to ride in while we all take in some fresh air and end up at the park for play!

Jack was a perfect little gentleman and friend making sure that when we went upstairs for lunch Ciel had her blanket and kitty with her so I had to snap this darling pic of her on the stairs. I am in love with the curls!


  1. We are so incredibly happy that she gets to hang out with you guys! She had a blast and can't stop talking about Jack and all his toys. Thanks for the pics and for sharing her day with us!!!

  2. Wow, she is adorable. She couldn't get a better place to hang out....with Jack and one of the best Moms .....ever. Have fun. Miss seeing you....someday we will get together for a visit.

  3. We're so pleased with the way that God has answered all our Day-Care prayers!! Know that you will have new followers of your blogs from Grandparents in Saskatchewan!! xoxoxo 2Momma and Papa