Friday, 19 July 2013

Vacation to Lunenburg Day 2: Touring, food and relaxing!

Today we toured all around the town on foot, by car, and down into creepy distillery basements (ah the stuff of my nightmares!). We had a blast! Most amazingly the weather was just right with rain all morning and then it held off for most of the day just staying cloudy and breezy. Love it after all this heat. 

Inside the building of the distillery smeller amazing. They had just put on a new batch of their rum and the molasses smell was like a delightful punch in the face when you walked in. Scott's hair smelled like it for the rest of the day - delicious! It was such a unique building and we returned in the afternoon for the tour of their facilities. 

This building was a blacksmith shop until not that long ago. In fact the last blacksmith, now 89, still lives next door. That chimney is really crooked - not a camera trick! Puts our little masonry repair renovation in perspective haha. 
Between the original floor boards and the smell we could not get enough of this quaint little operation and we hadn't even been on the tour. We were on the tour with a great guide and two other couples from the states. They agonized about how they would get all the liquor home that they wanted to buy after all our sampling. 

Down into the basement we went to learn about the different processes, checkout their barrels, and discover that while the building was used for construction they reenforced a section of flooring with a salvaged mast section from the Prince of Denmark when it was taken apart. Just a place full of character and great people. 

We tasted lots and learned about all the things that go into making it. Hanging in their kitchen was great fun and it was a real eye opener to the work that goes into handcrafted liquor. For more on them check out their web page.

We did a big drive through the area and oogled at the great homes, views and architecture. It is a great place to relax and take in the beauty. 

Oh and take in food. Which we did lots of. Yum!




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