Thursday, 18 July 2013

Vacation to Lunenburg Day 1: Tourists!

 Did we see lots of tourists? Sure! Were we annoyed by their snapping pics of everything and crowding stores and restaurants? Not at all. We were too busy being tourists ourselves!!

All of our day was spent getting settled in town, walking through a ton of shops, taking pics of how adorable this town is, and eating. Yumm. 

Our hotel has a delicious restaurant and spa on site! We had dinner on their patio and it was heavenly. After spending all day outside walking in the hot sun, sitting on a cool patio with drinks and amazing meals was just what the doctor ordered. 

This evening we hung up our tourist hat and have entered relaxation mode. Books, wine, iPad, pjs, and watching video updates from Mimi and Jack. I cannot tell you how strange it is to be without him - and I cried seeing the first video update of him. But it has been really great to have time to relax, follow my own schedule and not have 10x the things to carry/juggle on outings. Three days will be plenty time to be away since we miss him already - but we're going to soak up every moment and enjoy!



  1. so, took Jack shopping and we carried around a little polar bear, a kangaroo, two different bags of balls, two smiley face balls, a tiger and a dinosaur and then he gave it all up for two brightly colored trucks in the discount bin at Michaels. Went to Dollarama and he immediately wanted we went down the cookie aisle and bought "sea creatures" and ate them all around the walk in the store and he LOVED them. he hummed as he ate them... they were a winner. I tell you all this because I FORGOT to bring snacks... no diaper bag... but I did bring his drink.. and we were only 5 minutes from home.. so... fingers crossed I remember everything tomorrow for a excursion to Gramma Joanies house!

  2. Enjoy your vacation - you both deserve it