Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Trip to Grammies house!

 We decided to get back to Greenwood and head to the zoo today! It is so nice for it to be a quick drive to Papa and Mimi's house. We just dropped our things, picked up Mimi and zoomed to the zoo. Spent most of the drive time singing "We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo... How about you, you, you?" Thank you Raffi for the one. Jack tried to sing along and mastered the  zoo zoo zoo part :) loves to rock, this kid. The moment we pulled into the zoo he greeted it like an old friend gasping "awwwwwwwww Hi, Zoo!!"  

There have been so many little changes in the month that has gone by! We were thrilled that our favourite pigs had babies and spent a little time chatting before moving on. 

Bless their little hearts - I would have scooped them up and taken them home. So very sweet and making little piggy snuffles as they snuggled up together under their Momma's watchful eye. 

Amazingly Jack hasn't ever met one of the little loose baby goats until today. 

He was so pleased to be able to pat the little babe while it comfortably waited under the corn machine to be fed. Jack loves patting it and gently rubbed its back while encouraging it to "Dink dink dink, Bebe!"

The zoo was fabulous and we will certainly make a huge effort to get back there more often because we both miss it lots. We left on good terms with minimal tears :) I intend to keep my promise that we will "Go back really soon!"  

After nap we just had to go visit all the excitement going on across the street. The village is working on a system to stop the river from flooding towards the houses which has been a huge undertaking and luckily involved lots of friendly diggers :)!

Jack was SO pleased to get to watch close up. He loves big construction trucks and watching them do what they do best - dig, push dirt and rumble. Wahoo!

 We would have stayed MUCH longer but we were forced away by a torrential downpour of rain that completely soaked us despite our efforts to hide under several large leafy trees. Nothing like a warm summer rain!




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