Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Perfect Sized Picnic table!

We bought an adorable kid-sized picnic table. There is a family in the area making them to raise money for a special vacation they are taking their son on who has been diagnosed with leukemia. We definitely wanted to help out and the picnic tables they making are awesome.

Jack loved climbing onto it and had a seat right away.  I think he enjoyed having something made especially suited for a toddler sized person rather than couches, chairs and stairs all being a struggle to manage because his little legs are so small.

Happy Happy Happy little boy :). Since the wood isn't pressure treated we're going to seal it before it lives outside (especially with all the ridiculous rain and humidity we've been having) permanently.  

I've looked around on Pinterest and realized there are some REALLY fun things you can paint your picnic table into.  For now we're going to keep the table inside the playroom downstairs to colour at, have little picnics and play.  I'm going to sand it smooth so he doesn't work any little splinters into his fingers too.  I cannot decide how I want to paint it after seeing so many ideas I love!

Yipes that's a lot of choices :)! Whatever I end up doing, I will be posting progress pics so check back!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our pint-size-table-lovin Happily Hectic Household!


  1. what a fun project ahead! Don't forget... ladybugs are pretty fun too... or maybe a few ants for good measure!

  2. Definitely ANTS on a picnic table! KofO

  3. Let Jack pick out what he wants on the picnic table.

  4. We'll have to bring Daddy's table & chairs down sometime for our boy. Much Love