Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Discovering new places!

Finally a break in the extreme heat and humidity.  Goodness - it has been a hot few days.  Er, week.  Thankfully summer has backed off a bit and we can enjoy the days filled with walking and parks rather than hiding in the basement all day sweating.

We ventured out early today to get in a walk in the very cool weather with Lucy, and then met up with Laura in Kentville to explore some new to us trails.   I had heard all about the network of trails in Kentville, and now I know how awesome they are!  I didn't snap any pics today because we were busy chatting, but next time I'll remember to take pictures of the beautiful scenery.  Just lovely!

He ran this far from the car screaming "PARRRRK" and then froze in awe of how awesome it was. 
After Jack's nap we decided to tackle an item on our to explore list - which was visiting the new to us parks in our subdivision. We are lucky to have two play grounds and a big field to play in with a basketball court at one end.   There's some pretty great hills too that I suspect will make excellent sliding hills.

Sadly this park had no little kid access to the slide, but that didn't stop Jack from absolutely loving every moment of being there.  I had already kind of written this one off in my mind because it was too big for him with no steps to the slides, just a chain climb and a rope climber.  The other park we will explore another day since it was being mowed today when we stopped by.  I decided to double back and check this one out mainly because Jack was heartbroken we hadn't stopped at any parks.  I must say it is in a beautifully quiet location on a cul-de-sac. And Jack discovered a lot more wonderful things I overlooked in my evaluation of the park.

He spent the first few minutes just running around the play area checking things out, and while we couldn't have him climb up the play structure, I could easily pick him up and plop him on the slide.  It was a hilarious game for him to have me pick him up and zoom him down. I got my arm workout for the day lifting his 30lb squirming body up high.

There were sticks around that he treated like finding gold.  He also LOVES to label things right now so he would pick it up and bellow "MAMAAAAA... Stick. Stick Mama. Mama! STICK!!" Ah how he loves to tell me about the whole world :).

After running around a bit he realized that the things he was running on was ROCKS. Oh my. That pretty much sold this park for him.  He loves to collect, throw and dig in rocks.

I had to share a short clip of him in explorer mode.  He did this for ever it seemed just moving from one place to the other hunting for rocks, sticks and bugs. Which I think we've nominated as this weeks word of the week - "Buggy".  (I am still trying to get video of him saying cool.  All I've gotten is obnoxious videos of me prompting Jack to look at things and him responding with "No, mama.")

Oh yes, and wonderfully there are two swings.  One little kid, one big kid.  Perfect for us because Jack completely loves playing on swings so he's set for life with these two.   I was pushing him, then chasing the swing, and running away from him as he came towards me.  Honestly, I thought he was going to bust a gut laughing.  But it made for some of the sweetest pics, and possibly my most favourite one of him ever.

I give you the swing montage. 

This is SO my favourite.  Completely Jack. 
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about the exploring Happily Hectic Household!


  1. Oh my god, I'm not sure what's the best part: the being frozen in awe at the park, or the hunting for buggies, or the "Jack, say cool" "No, mama" bit. He is the sweetest kid.

  2. Oh my.... I absolutely love this one. And one year ago, he was doing the same thing as a 8 month old. He really does love the swing... the danger.. I think! Love it!

  3. Get his Dad to give him a loop de loop on the swings. Scott loved that concept when he was a kid - even though we never did it! Donna's right - the danger...