Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Conquering the front yard

The weather today was fabulous for a morning stroll! Jack brought along his buddy Bear and was very content to let Lucy and I really explore for a whole hour of hilly walking. Since rain was on the way we got out early and were able to enjoy the cool breeze and bright sunshine. It inspired me to tackle a hurdle I've been putting off - actually playing in our front yard. I know that sounds ridiculous but let me explain. 

Ok, there isn't much to explain except he's my first baby and I'm wildly protective of him. Our front yard isn't fenced obviously and that makes me a bit nervous because of the street right there. Don't get me wrong... We have next to no traffic on our street and mostly everyone is 60+ and drives at a significantly reduced speed. Did I mention I'm fiercely protective of this kid?!

With the breeze blowing and his awesome slide out to play with, Jack had a blast romping around the yard kicking a ball and chasing me. His newest thing is pushing me or Scott around by the back of the legs and saying "Go!" as he directs us where he wants. Naturally he loved directing me around the yard and we visited nearly every corner of it. Thankfully we have at least adjusted his phrase to "Go pllleaseee" so he doesn't sound so much like a little tyrant. 

Watching the garbage truck pull up on our street was thoroughly exciting since we usually watch from the big window. Despite my horrible fear that Jack would run towards the truck and be flattened by the huge tires as it raced by ( in my nightmare they are speed demons that apparently love running over kids), I let him do his own thing and he chose to watch from the top of the slide. He even reached for my hand to hold when the truck got closer for some reassurance since it was very rumbly and loud. So perhaps he isn't the wild daredevil I thought he was, and I'm relieved. 

He mostly stayed on our yard on the grass except to pop over to the window of Scott's office to say hi to Dada and Sirius. It's hard to tell but Sirius is getting poked in the forehead by Jack through the screen. Strangly Sirius enjoyed it so Jack returned every few minutes to give him some love haha. 

Knowing that it's not a disaster to play out front, we will find more time to do it when the weather is nice :). I was relieved that I didn't need to constantly chase him back into our yard and he had fun playing on his slide which I was worried it would be too small in his eyes compared to the park. Obviously my fears were a little exaggerated and I feel much better now. I am not generally a nervous person either but that just goes to show you what being a mother does to someone haha. 




  1. Michelle... I'd worry if you weren't protective. The good thing is you are not smothering your boy but making sure you are comfortable while letting him explore. Good on ya! KofO

  2. You're right to give him some rope - just not enough that he can get into trouble. Well done Mum!