Monday, 29 July 2013

Neighbourhood Love

We have been so blessed to move into a very lovely neighbourhood. It's peaceful and friendly - and they have all welcomed us with open arms. Between meeting them on our morning walks and while we are out playing in the yard we're in daily contact with many of them. After moving so often in the last few years we are excited to have moved to a place where we know our neighbours. And they LOVE having Jack around he is the new celebrity on the street!
He was given a new bike from our next door neighbours which I posted pictures of on Facebook over the weekend. He was so in love with it and kept insisting he was JUST like Elmo who rides a bike in our potty video. He was so pleased. Today Papa dropped off Jack's bike helmet and we hit the open road. 

I was blown away that Jack has mastered the pedalling and is ready for long haul biking. So we went up and down the road while he toured waving to his usual neighbours and landmarks (wooden owls, fake crow, lawn ornament cat).

On our way home we were invited in for tea at one of the neighbours on the street and Jack enjoyed his first juice box. He drank it like a pro and could even put the straw back in with no help. I sometimes wonder if he leads a double like where he learns all these things just to surprise me in these moments.  Sitting enjoying a delicious cup of tea on a beautiful patio (so many potted plants and climbing flowers - amazing!) was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. 

While meeting their cat, juice box drinking and playing the piano Jack also fell in love with the cutest vintage Fisher Price village and house. Of course they promptly insisted he has to have them which just warms my heart because like the bike I know he will absolutely LOVE to play with them and his animal toys. It turns out these awesome toys once belonged to our houses previous owners kids way back in the day so it was neat for them to "return home" to be play with again. Ah toy bliss, it makes me want to watch Toy Story haha. 

I'm so excited for Jack to wake up tomorrow so he can come down and play :) I cleaned them all up since they were spending time in a basement for the past few years and they are so cool. Little doorbell, fire house alarm, restaurants, police station with jail, and a big garage with car lift. We certainly subscribe to the idea that it takes a village to raise a child, and we feel well on our way to having that for our family.  It came up in conversation today at tea and I think it is perfect to round out my sentiments. "The more people around a kid who loves them, the more love in their world." Isn't that just the truth!

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  1. Great to have such wonderful neighbours. What a lucky boy! Looking cool in the bike helmet too