Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lunenburg Vacation Day 3 and coming home!

We started our last day with a delicious breakfast at the Savvy Sailor. Eggs, local smoked bacon, seven grain toast, and delicious coffee! Not to mention the cutest creamer I have ever seen. If I used creamers ever I would have begged them for it. 

We headed out on a very beautiful drive on the Lighthouse Route down by the south shore. It was amazing to see all the old homes right on the sea. Now, that said, I spent the rest of the afternoon recovering from the dips and bends of the road. 

I did manage to recover though and we found a perfect keepsake for me :)! It's a spinner ring or meditation ring from one of the local shops. I have absolutely enjoyed it and feel like it is a wonderful reminder of the fun we had together in such a sweet little town. 

Dinner was completely amazing. We ate at the Old Fish Factory and they were packed. Thankfully we were just a table of two and so we got a wonderful seat at the window. 

 My meal was so amazing - Scallop stuffed Salmon with a mustard-maple sauce and garlic mashed potato. Scott had crab, lobster and cream cheese stuffed haddock. 
We loved our vacation away relaxing, touring and feasting! But we got up early and grabbed breakfast to go. It was wonderfully cool today weather wise compared to yesterday and made for a speedy trip home. 

Where we received a loving and warm welcome! Seeing his little face light up and he screamed "Momma and Daddy!" as we pulled in the driveway. 


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