Sunday, 21 July 2013

Jack's Vacation

Jack had three days of Mimi and Papa all to himself! He had a blast playing, adventuring and showing them all the things he loves to do! I had to share the pics I treasured and we poured over while we were in Lunenburg. 

Enjoying a trip to the park and showing Papa just how I like to swing :)!

Thank goodness for sprinklers on hot days. Sadly he wasn't terribly enjoying the idea of the sprinkler - but running around playing the hose was super fun! 

Napping like a boss! He of course brought all his friends and "minkey" (what he calls any blankets) to snuggle with while he snoozes!

Having a big snooze after his day trip to Halifax to visit with Joan, Kim and Caleigh!

He had a fabulous and relaxing vacation with Papa And Mimi. We totally appreciate all their great care for our baby boy! 


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  1. It was Jacks first Grammie Camp..... he is the only cousin.. so it was pretty simple. Next year.. we will begin the paper macho projects and tie dyed shirts! Loved every minute of Jack (and Lucy, Apollo & Sirius!)