Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hellooo Summer Adventures!

Well the summer weather has really kicked in, and then kicked it into high gear.  It was lovely cool this morning so Jack, Lucy and I headed out early to get ahead of the humidity.  I must say I'm really enjoying this neighbourhood - it is peaceful and full of other people out walking too. We've met lots of nice retired couples on our street already since they've come over to introduce themselves and welcome us to the neighbourhood, but now I get to meet them often in the mornings too.  Now, if I could just get used to the hills!

Jack and I hopped into the lovely air conditioned car once it got hot and went road tripping to make a special delivery to the Angevine's house! Jack was so excited to pose with the flowers on the stairs, hence his silly little smile. :) He enjoyed being the delivery boy, but was less than enthusiastic about leaving the flowers behind.

With a haze over the Valley as we drove back home, we made plans to play in the basement for the afternoon.  Jack napped extra long today all worn out from his big car trip, but once we woke up we headed down into the basement which I swear has got to be at least 10 degrees cooler than upstairs.

In the basement we spent the rest of the afternoon reading stories, playing trains, kicking balls around and watching Elmo's Potty video. Ah life is good hiding away from the heat inside with a real sweetheart. Actually, a bundle of sweethearts - all the pets hid down here too with us!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our summer-loving Happily Hectic Household!


  1. We so love our pretty flowers! And can't wait for you and Jack (and Scottie) to come visit again.

  2. Definitely! Let me know a weekend you're free! We're away this weekend but other than that pretty free :)!