Friday, 12 July 2013

Film Friday: Today's theme is energy!

Today Jack had the energy to Go Go Go! so I took advantage of his enthusiasm.  He really enjoys being active and some days he's just digging it more than others.  He started the day with bouncing around the downstairs and then in a split decision did a ninja flip and roll over my leg that was resting on the coffee table.  I think it was definitely inspired by the movie him and Daddy watched last Saturday morning: Kung Fu Panda II.

He did it SO many times in a row it was hysterical and he was getting dizzy trying to walk around.  His 11th attempt I took pictures and then his 12th I took video.  He obviously ran out of steam, but you get the idea.

Mimi came up to the house and we three went out on the lovely trail system.  As promised I was able to take some great pictures representing the kind of landscape you walk through.  Just beautiful!

Our Valley is just a beautiful place, and we're so blessed to be close to all the great things!  And in Jack's world great things are cows.  He was eager to feed them his last few crackers, but as it turns out they weren't interested.  Haha, I'm sure they get a LOT of people walking by daily, but I loved watching them out grazing.

I love the beautiful treed section especially today because it was quite hot in the direct sunshine!

We walked right into downtown Kentville and then headed back.  Jack zoomed around the house playing and crashed for his nap just in time for me to also flop into the couch and get to work finishing his knit blanket.  OMG I cannot believe it has taken me so long to finish, and that it likely won't be used for tummy time outside on the grass.  Bahahaha.  While I pictured it being finished a year ago, I think it will make a perfect naptime blanket and snuggle blanket on the couch.  I will share it as soon as I get all my ends woven in - hopefully tonight!

Hmm, something makes me think this kid won't lay down on his tummy on his blanket and idly watch the world go by.  Ah well, goodbye newborn things and onto much funner activities!

Like climbing hills and having a silly jaunt down them laughing the whole way!

Jack really enjoys putting rocks and sticks on the swing seat and gently pushing them back and forth saying "Wheee!".  I can't believe that each time we go to the park (which is daily now because he asks for it every time we are leaving the house and it rocks) he still loves to play with the sticks and rocks.

And the swings are still hilarious to him!  We've reached a whole new level of insanity with me chasing him around the swings.  I am ever thankful that we always have had the park to ourselves because I could never be that silly around strangers or other children.

Throwing the rocks down the slide is still very cool, but its even more cool to throw them in all different directions and then contemplate ...

..."But where did they go?!" 
(I absolutely died laughing at this picture all day. Its my new lock screen photo for my iPhone!)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our very-eager-to-relax-tonight Happily Hectic Household!

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