Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Big Boy at the Table

There are some things that go on as Jack grows up that feel huge, and others that are supposed to feel huge and don't really shock me into contemplating him growing up.  Jack sitting up on his own surprised me (when I realized he could sit up alone!), but didn't feel very milestone like as we were eagerly waiting for others to happen. But this booster chair was big! This one was one that felt huge and brought tears to my eyes to see such a big boy at the table eating with us.

Jack thoroughly enjoys eating dinner with us at the table.  He is more interested in watching us eat, being a part of our dinnertime chats and noticing we are eating things that aren't tofu, blueberries, avocado, cheese, and applesauce.  Excitingly this guy is trying more and more foods and we're loving it.  Making a separate meal for him at every meal is wearing thin and I would love for him to eat more things we do.  This week he has loved chicken, BBQ Potato and onions, salmon, corn on the cob (but pulled off the cob. So corn off the cob?), eggs, bagel, and flavoured yogurt (he's adamant about his yogurt being plain).

The other thing I'm loving is we get to use this cutie food tray for little ones eating at tables.  I bought it when we first moved to Greenwood from Shoppers.  I had seen one used once a year before at East Side Marios in Fredericton.  The little kid was eating chopped up chicken fingers off it and the little tray was catching nearly every single one and then he would eat it out of the tray.  I thought it was brilliant to have in your diaper bag, we certainly could have used it several times during our move to NS.  Turns out since I bought it I've had no reason to use it until now. LOVE IT :). It suction cups down to the table and wipes off easily.

I had to share this picture of him in the chair. Big kid! He's wearing adorable GAP skinny jeans from his GreatGrandma Joanie which make his legs look much longer than they actually are, but he is tall without them too.  This chair suits him perfectly, and he ironically calls it "Baby Chair" because of the baby on the box when we bought it.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our family-dinner-loving Happily Hectic Household!

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