Monday, 8 July 2013

Bath Crayon Colouring

Over the past year we have been given two sets of bath crayons, we've given them as gifts and its only now that we have our own tub that we are comfortable using them.  Its not that I don't trust Crayola, but it would be our luck that for some reason the crayon left ridiculous staining and we would be in trouble.

Can I just first of all say how cute the shape of the crayons are?  They fit perfectly into Jack's hand and they float in the water when he's not using a particular colour. Their little floatation belts are actually twistable to make more crayon come out the top when its worn down. Genius!

At first Jack needed some encouragement to colour.  He was excited to see his crayons in the tub, but he was reluctant to colour on the tub walls.  I appreciate his consideration and I hope it extends to any kind of marking on walls in the future. 

After watching Dada colour, he got right into it and we had fun drawing squiggles all over the tub. And then of course, it escalated...

Yes that is Jack's first "MOM" tattoo in a heart.  Heehee, I love it.

Jack loved doing tattoos on us, and he had fun pushing the little crayon yon guys around the tub.  I think its such a brilliant idea I wish we had played with them sooner.   Jack is a colouring fiend, but he is hard to contain on a colouring page.  Thankfully that is not a problem in the bath!

And here is the proof that it all washed off no problem - much to our relief.  I did a little test patch while Jack and Scott were reading books before bath time but as the crayon covered our tub I was getting a little nervous and so was Scott.  (I suppose I wasn't as confident about my test patch as I'd like) No worries - it came off with a splash of water and next to no scrubbing.  Now every time we walk into the bathroom he is convinced we must colour in the tub.  So glad he loved it :)!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our colourful Happily Hectic Household!


  1. They do wash off so easily... unless you forget about the little scribbles and doddles for a few days. Then there is some scrubbing involved! But still my tub has always been back to new! :)

  2. I can see Jack making car sounds on daddy's arm, as he is coloring! BOY...right there, I tell ya.. BOY. Vrrooommm goes the crayons!

  3. And that boy is buff too!