Thursday, 25 July 2013

An Organizing Project: the Cluttered Pantry

It's okay to judge me, this was getting out of control. I actually knew that by taking a "before picture" of the cupboards I would have to follow through because I was horrified by the clutter.

Okay it's not just cluttered - it was unbearable. The opened duplicate boxes of things (more specifically 4 boxes of macaroni and 3 boxes of ritz crackers!), the complete mayhem as far as categorizing things on certain selves and not being able to fit things back in the same shelf I just took it off were all DRIVING US CRAZY. It just took one sippy cup landslide when I was in a humidity-induced cranky mood to push this Momma over the edge. I regrouped after kicking the cups around in a fit and decided it was time to really organize our pantry. 

Sipping a cup of coffee and relaxing I turned to Pinterest to solve my household problem.  There are so many helpful articles and how to's on getting your kitchen pantry organized it was easy to get a plan formed. Well, no plan but i had a vision of what I wanted it to look like and roughly the things i needed to buy. After Jack's nap we headed out on a mission to get containers for organizing our food. What I liked about all the pictures I pinned was that they utilized clear containers so you can see your food and it looks uniform. 

Walmart was a complete bust because to buy the amount I wanted I was looking at spending over $100. Who spends that kind of money on containers?! I would happily spend that kind of $$ on delicious food but not containers to hold it. We walked out empty handed from Walmart (which surprised me because that pretty much never happens!) and decided to check out Dollarama. Both Jack and I adore that store. So many fun things. It really came through with a huge selection of glass and plastic storage bins. I had a vision for our cupboard of all glass tall pewter topped containers but that's not all too practical. I split 50/50 glass and plastic and figured that if I wanted more we're literally only a 2 minute drive away. I bought 5 large plastic white lidded storage bins, 4 tall glass containers and two short ones.  Total cost of this organizing project was $23. 

Washed them all and set them to dry while I emptied the entire cupboard making the macaroni and ritz boxes discovery. How embarrassing! And more importantly how did it happen?! I would like to blame it on moving, our kitchen things being in storage and the fact that in the cupboard chaos it is easy for boxes to hide.

In 27 minutes (I timed it because I was convinced this job would take me hours and it felt like there was no possible way to finish it in one day. I planned to add up my time contributed to the project.) I had it all done. If I had known it was going to be that quick and easy I would had definitely jumped on this project long before I did. Sadly, I think the sippy cup incident had to happen to get me motivated although I'm not proud of the kicking tantrum I performed. Without further adieu here is our two cupboards all ready for being functional and beautiful. 

Things in containers: Cheerios, Chex, popcorn kernels for popping in brown bag, macaroni (4 partially used boxes = 1 full container. Who knew?!) brown sugar, white sugar, and rice. I wish everything could go in containers just for uniformity sake but I'm pleased with the outcome!

 (Ideally we would stock fun multicoloured pasta, kilograms of whole coffee beans, jelly beans and split peas to make pretty pantry space like in magazines but this is real life!)

This cupboard is right next to the food cupboard and is organized into snacks and kid dishes. Things in containers: penguin crackers, individual packed mummums, individual unsweetened applesauce squeeze tubes, Ritz crackers, granola bars and in a x-large ziplock bag all of Jacks little  frozen food containers. 

We are on day 3 of the new system and I cannot tell how much this has improved day to day life in our kitchen. Preparing meals is easier because we see what we have to eat and use up.  We can reach things easily and I'm happy to say there have ben no tantrums inspired by avalanches.  It also looks tidy and that brings a wonderful positivity into my life each time I open the cupboard. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Newly organized Happily Hectic Household!

 (Also thanks for all the comments lately everyone :) they make my heart smile!)


  1. You are more than welcome to come to my house and organize my cupboards. unlimited tea and baked goods included. :) KofO

  2. I can see huge improvement... Michelle.Clutter is so scary! And so hard for me to keep on top of... Thanks for the very effective visual reminder to persevere!