Friday, 5 July 2013

Active, Growing Boy: Two new firsts!

Friday is here again. Yay! (Yes, I am a stay at home mom. You would think every day is the same, but weekends are special because we make it family time. Snuggles, stories, meals and playtime together. I love that!! Also, I get to grocery shop alone!!) We have been hiding away from the heat inside but enjoying lots of playtime. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and before we dive into our weekend I had to share these two moments in our life.

Jack has loved getting used to our new house.  Exploring, climbing and racing around. Because of this new environment, we've experienced two more of Jacks firsts.

Just turned on Netflix and Kipper's intro BLASTED LOUDLY because the volume knob mysteriously was turned up.  It was "cool". 

Jack learned to say the world cool.  Did I refer to everything as cool at the house to put him at ease? Probably. Maybe I use that world more than I think, or Elmo does. Or maybe Kipper. Who knows where he picked it up. He uses it perfectly - and it's adorable. Of course, it being a new word in his vocab he uses it for everything! The picture he coloured is cool, the cat doing an epic tear out of the room for no reason is cool, and his supper is cool. Love it :) I can't help but smirk when he says it because he appreciates the cool factor in so many things we find ordinary. It's certainly refreshing to get some perspective on life from this little dude.

I was so excited thinking I got him saying "Cool" on video to share with you all.  In fact, it was on Camera mode and so you will just need to imagine what it sounds like. 
Sadly the next first broke my heart - Jack's first knee scrape on pavement. We have a paved driveway and Jack was zooming around the car to get inside and he lost his footing and went down. As a testament to how fast he was going he landed, scraped and rolled end over end onto our garden. He is a tough brute and I was there to scoop him up faster than he could come up with tears.  We talked it over about running, knees and ouches.  Turns out he was more concerned about the mulch from the garden sticking to his sweaty arms more than the knee scrape.

Moms of boys out there please tell me that this is typical behaviour? Hold on, let me rephrase that fairly.  Parents of "busy kids" out there, please tell me you are going through (or have gone through) this?  In the last month Jack has blasted around the world chipping a tooth (I neglected to share that incident on the blog because I'm still horrified), dislocated elbow, scuffed his chin on the hardwood floors, and now the knee scrape.  It is no wonder that I am thoroughly enjoying my glass of wine tonight - Samantha Ford you are so right.  Every Momma deserves a treat to make this motherhood life manageable when the going is stressful. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our ready-for-the-weekend Happily Hectic Household!

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