Saturday, 1 June 2013

Welcome to Our Home Part Two: Video Walkthrough!

Here's a series I put together on my iPhone yesterday.  Its a complete walkthrough of our empty home - ready to be renovated and redone :)!

We have had beautiful weather this weekend for Apple Blossom - but a little warm for ripping up carpets and taking down wall paper! At least the plants and lawn is loving it :)
I did it in several parts so they were quick to view and hopefully wouldn't cause too much trouble on my blog... if you have trouble watching them I apologize - I've done my best on my end to make sure it works!

Oh, I had better warn you. There is a LOT of pink in there so don't be alarmed - it isn't my iPhone acting up, that's the real colour of the walls and carpet ;)

Come up our walkway and into our front door! 


  1. Yay! I loved watching this, I feel like I've been to your house now. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to actually see it in person!
    Enjoy all the new things, looks like a great place!!!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful tour of your new home. I was surprised to see that all the appliances were left. Great! Your videos are fantastic. I almost feel that we were there with you. Wishful thinking!

    Best wishes to Scott, Michelle and Jack for many happy years on Evergreen Avenue.

    With love,
    Nana and Gamp Matheson

  3. What fantastic spaces! It's going to be awesome. I think your living room alone is the size of my whole apartment :D

  4. What a lovely home! I echo the many happy years there sentiment. Hoorah for the Mathesons! love KofO