Sunday, 2 June 2013

Welcome to our Home Part Three: Bringing our Baby Home!

We have had a sweaty but successful weekend of renovations! I'll share more on that this week divided into a couple blogs because we have been really busy!

I wanted to share with you the most fun part of Friday (except for buying a ton of reno supplies at Home Depot) was bringing Jack to see his new home! He LOVE running around and checking everything out.
Jack on Friday at our new home!
Flashback: Jack when we were moving from Fredericton to Greenwood.
Flashback: Jack when we were moving from South side to North side in Fredericton. 
He immediately jumped into his camping chair that he loves (and seems to be in every time we move!) Hopefully some day he will get to enjoy it as a camping chair rather than a "my life is in turmoil" chair.

But soon he was off exploring the fireplace which was just the most interesting thing to him...

But he REALLY struck gold once he went into the bedrooms - CARPET! He loved it! He was laying on it, running his fingers through it, smelling it and rolling around.  We haven't broken it to him yet that all the bedrooms have be de-carpeted and laminate is going down. Er, is already down. Sorry Jack.

He really just went from bedroom to bedroom rolling around on his back and belly going "Awweeeeee" and snuggling it.  So hilarious! We've never had carpet in his lifetime except a low brush one briefly when he was a newborn. He's never really had a chance to appreciate it!

And just so everyone can appreciate the hype and excitement that was going on in our house on Friday I had to share this video (I know I'm just bombarding you with videos of this empty house!) of Jack flying around the place. Happily we are keeping this carpet downstairs for our TV playroom because it's in fairly good shape. And Jack may just want to sell if we get rid of all the carpet.

It has become my most favourite video of him lately because it captures the hilarious toddler run he does, his bursting laughter and his complete disregard for getting hurt. (Notice his "OW" when he bangs the door).  I also love how it captures the moment in speech he is at right now. SO many meaning for one word, but he's got a ton of them! At the end he is saying "Nik" which means "sniff". Or Milk. Or neck.  He leaves it to us to figure out based on context.  Lets hope he doesn't feel like our downstairs carpet smells like milk ;).

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our carpet-loving Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Enjoy your new home Jack - you've certainly had a few already in your life! Hope you'll be in this house for a while. Much Love

    Nana & Grampie

    PS - Lots of carpets upstairs in our house. Come visit!