Saturday, 8 June 2013

Weekend Plans: Paint the town Red!

Er, paint the house yellow and green that is.  :)

Jacks room with the walls painted and ready for flooring!
Last night we headed up to the house and tackled Jacks room.  I'm not a terribly experienced painter like Scott so I took lessons from him on how to cut in around the ceiling (NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS) and by the end of the evening I felt really comfortable doing it.  We get the entire first coat painted last night and this morning we finished the second coat.  It is ready for flooring tomorrow!

So speaking of flooring, Papa was busy onto the next room getting it floored.  This room actually went together faster than the last because of the size and the direction of the flooring there was much less cutting in ratio to how many boards were being laid down.  Bad luck struck right at the end of the day when the blade broke on the saw, but fortunately it was at the end of the day and he has lots here to bring up with him tomorrow. 

Now Queen of Cutting In, this is what my entire day looked like. Hanging out on a ladder or crouched on the floor. It was such a wonderful thing to begin the process of covering up the pink which has really held us back from totally falling in love with our home.  When it is painted we know we're going to love it - and we're trying not to be too superficial hinging our love on a coat of paint.  BUT really this paint is just a mood changer. 

Scotty came around after I did a good deal of cutting in and covered up that pink no problem with the primer.  How awesome it felt is hard to describe, but once we looked back into the primed room we could tell it was going to be a great day!

TA DA! How awesome is it without the pink? Ready to become much more awesome when we get the Hawthorne Yellow down too. :)
 Going through the room and cutting in felt tedious, but I much prefer painting to wall paper stripping or power sanding walls.  At least with painting even if the progress is gradual it is VERY rewarding.  Somehow with the wallpaper down the dining room looks like its been caught on a "bad hair day" sort of look.  Its an aged shabby yellow with some patches scuffed and others not painted at all because they were going to be hidden by wallpaper.  Sanding the hallway was the LEAST satisfying job because the hallway looked the exact same for a large amount of work.  But on that note...

Yeeehaw! The circus is leaving town.  And the walls are smooth like normal walls not braille-gone-bad combined with tape lines from the stripes.  The primer has covered to our satisfaction and we are excited to see everything in a nice warm yellow.  The house feels bigger and brighter in a lighter colour and the hallway feels not so cramped. Even with two ladders and three people navigating between wet painted walls. Now that is saying something.
Another room complete :). Floors were finished today and it was already painted a nice colour which saves us time and paint. Our master bedroom is a lovely leafy green and just a couple shades darker than Jacks bedroom.  Hopefully one day I will remember to bring our good camera so I can reveal the actual colours of our walls haha.  Maybe I will save that for the big finale (whenever that may be!)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our paint-happy and soon-to-be-stripeless Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. A fresh coat of paint does wonders. It's looking VERY nice. Keep of the amazing work... you'll be done in no time at all. KofO