Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Reuniting with old friends!

When we moved all our things out of our house in Fredericton it was hard to pack away Jacks toys because he loves them all a bunch. Of course I knew it wasn't forever and he would see them again in the future.  So I did my best to put away ones he played with the least, or ones that were just too big etc.
Notice how the whole bottom shelf is cleared off .. bahaha he loves to spread out his stuff. :) Good thing we have the space for it and when he's done everything has a place to return to! 
I spent last night unpacking all the Jack stuff  and loading it onto shelves, into bins and sorting out things he's outgrown.  When we came down this morning to play he was thrilled to see so many toys and I think he remembered some of them too!

The other thing he was really juiced about was all the great bins to play with.  They became an endless source of entertainment this afternoon while we played peekaboo out of them, wore them as hats, and had animals hide under them and pop out.  Wonderful sized hard, tall plastic storage bins from Dollarama. LOVE IT.

Jack has a big spot in his heart for stuffed animals, especially puppets! He was excited to play puppets with the farm animal set we unpacked.  As Jack bounced around the room playing with one toy then moving onto the next (and creating a real stir of things everywhere) he would occasionally pick one toy up and give it a big kiss. :) melt my heart!

Please try not to mind my piggy squealing too much, I had to play the part of the peekaboo pig.  It was just too sweet not to share, despite my screeching.  Check your volume before you listen haha, or you might just get blasted with an earfull of piggy!

He has a new found love for Angry Birds since he's found out what they are all about.  He watched Papa play on the iPad and enjoys watching the little mini cartoons about all the different birds.  When he was really little (maybe a month or two old) Scott bought the red bird from the UNB book store for Jack and it was so cute to see Jack fall in love with that stuffy all over again.

Jack having his first nap in his big boy crib December 2011
Red Angry Bird playing Peekaboo inside one of the bins! 
With the weather being SO very hot today we spent the majority of our time in the basement and it was perfect!  It stayed nice and cool so we could still enjoy this lovely summer day without suffering too much from the heat.  Hope everyone found a way to stay cool :)!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our toy-loving Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. I love that he has all his toys back! how fun for him! Like Christmas all over again.