Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Day Jack Dislocated His Elbow

Actually, he partially dislocated his elbow. To be honest, at the time it happened I had no idea! We were in the vets office getting our pets registered and Jack was goofing around holding my hand and running around in circles. Jack slipped and fell and cried so I picked him up and held him the rest of the time. He cried on and off which was so unlike him, he's usually such a flirt. I attributed his sadness connected to saying goodbye to Lucy just minutes before at the groomer. When we got home he wanted right up on the couch and pouted on my lap occasionally crying. He insisted on Kipper and moaned about "dog..... dog!" the whole time. Poor little dude, I thought he was heartbroken over Lucy.

It was once we got up and he tried to play but couldn't, Advil was administered and did nothing, and he let his arm hang limply we headed to the hospital. I worried I was being a nervous Mom, but I do feel its better safe than sorry. Not to mention Jack is tough as nails when it comes to getting hurt so I was put off by his mood.

Napping like a boss in his BOB while the waiting room bustled around him and Hana Montana blasted on the TV. Yuck. 
Which lined up nicely with nap time because we had a two hour wait. Fortunately, Jack was pleased as punch to nap and only woke up minutes before it was our turn.

Turns out that this is a common thing to happen to little kids and the doctor walked me through how we would put it back in. Pretty much what you think, although I had hoped they would put him under so he wouldn't have to witness the arm twisting. The other people in the waiting area must have thought we were killing him judging by his screams but the little bone wouldn't go back into place.

We went to X-ray where Jack had his first two X-rays, and so did his best bud bunny Munn. Munn came along for the nap and got more than he bargained for haha. Once it was determined his arm wasn't broken (thank goodness!) it was back to some more arm twisting. Finally the doctor gave Jack a rest and he couldn't tell if it was back in. We decided to leave for a day and come back if it was still trouble. But by the time we were in the car Jack has settled down and high fived me with his bad arm. Wahoo! We are so appreciative of the great care we received at the hospital by all the friendly staff.

Post hospital visit rest in the car while Mommy drove to A&W for some lunch that was very much needed! Next time I must remember to bring enough snacks for BOTH of us when we go to the hospital for these long visits. 
Jack survived the ordeal and was tickled pink to be going back home. :) Most of his time in the hospital was spent asking to go back to the car so it was a joyous event for us both!

He happily played with his toys resting his arm and using it every now and then to move a block.

Jack's reaction, " MORE MOMMAAAA..... MORE!"
Oh, did I mention that we stopped for emotional junk food therapy? Goodness, want to make a Momma cry? Have her hold down her baby boy while he is terrified getting xrays! I may have had on my cheerful voice and brave face for Jack but the girls in X-Ray had lots of tissues for me when it was over. So, Yay for Jacks first bite of onion rings!

Lucy and Jack reunited in the afternoon and were so pleased to see each other after such a long busy day apart.

Yes, Lucy needed to roll in grass after getting so clean and white at the BuddyLuv dog spa. She amazingly adapted to her new salon that is cage less and made 3 doggy friends. I was flabbergasted to see her play so well with other dogs - wonderful experience to make up for the injury of the day. Yeesh and I thought having furniture delivered made for a stressful day!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our ready-for-the-weekend Happily Hectic Household!


  1. Oh my... my heart goes out to Jack and mostly YOU. I totally know what you went through today and its exhausting. Poor little Jack and his elbow. What a day you two have put in!

  2. OMG, yes those things happen. Aurora was 3 when she broke her ankle at the playground. I remember how anxiety took over Patience. Gesh, things happen. I'm glad he's ok so quick.

  3. Get well soon Jack. At least a squireel didn't bite you! Ask Daddy

    Nana & Grampie

  4. OMG....I can just imagine how upset you were Michelle. Jack is tough and once he gets into sports he will have lots of bumps and bruises...etc.....stock up on the Kleenex!!!! Glad to hear it all ended well. Have a great weekend....Happy Canada Day...Wendy