Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Day the Furniture Arrived

We have talked about buying a furniture set since we started living together! We knew we didn't want our livingroom furniture until the painting was done and we were moved in so we didn't rush into it.  We shopped around online and waited for a sale then pounced when the moment was right.

Our furniture at Leon's in the show room. 
We had an idea of what we wanted, so it made shopping in a big sales floor very easy. With kids and pets you're limited to select colors and material if you're smart. For example, with cats and a white dog we stayed away from leather or anything dark coloured.

In 45 minutes it was obvious to us we were partial to getting a neutral colour and dressing it up with accessories that are easily replaceable as our whims change. That said, we were tempted by some really funky options. In the end we got the couch set that made the most sense for our lifestyle despite all the gorgeously unique sets in livingrooms we saw on Pinterest. Darn you Pinterest and your imaginary world. :)

We knew it would be delivered today although it came with good and bad news. Good news: the couch was happily arriving with the sofa and chair today despite being out of stock last week. Ba news: they're going to deliver it 15 minutes before nap time commences just as Scott has an important call for work. And.... go!

I had been in jacks room with him unpacking some boxes while he played. He was mellowing out and calmly identifying every illustration he could find. When we got the 5 minute warning call they were coming Scott and I tore around the house in a flurry trying to move boxes, take down baby gates, lock up cats, get the leash on the dog and figure out how to maintain Jack while there was an open door and exposed staircase.

That's right - they're here with our stuff! And they're wearing hats.
Scott has to leave before they got there to join his conference call with clients so I got the best thing I could think of for Jack: Markers!! That kid loves to draw with markers. Of course not on paper but himself and his highchair. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I had to contend with a very barky dog that could only be tamed with massive amounts of treats, praise and physical restraint. Lucy doesnt welcome strangers into our house which is one of her quirks. She likes men least of all but when they wear hats they might as well be wild beasts ready to attack the family.

Thankfully since we were well stocked with markers and dog treats so everything went smoothly.  Lucy was very well behaved and Jack loved drawing on everything and sticking stickers on pages.  Whew!  Lucy and Jack were even pretty quiet despite all the mayhem of furniture so it didn't disrupt Scotts call. The men moving in our furniture were extremely pleasant and had young kids of their own.  They indulged Jack by listening to his stories he babbled and admiring his sticker/marker artwork.  Jack was pretty taken with their work too - loved the drill when they were putting the feet on our furniture.

Surprised at the drill noises - loving it!
Since we still have boxes on one wall they just placed the set around the room and we rearranged it tonight.  I'll share pics tomorrow when there's light in the room.  With no overhead light and no lamps set up its a bit dim in pictures to say the least haha. But here it was this afternoon after delivery!

And of course here it is when Jack tried to get up onto the chair by "jumping" up and wiggling his feet on the loveseat.  The furniture is a big hit :)

"Jump Jump Jump!" Its a tall chair and he had a hard time getting up on it so I suggest he jump. Lol.

Wiggling his little tooshie into the loveseat!
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our finally-filled-living-room Happily Hectic Household!


  1. Ahhh new furniture. Congratulations (again) Mathesons. KofA

  2. so fun.! What a day you put in!