Thursday, 20 June 2013

Road Trip To the Pitmans!

We decided to take a break from all the packing, moving and renovating and go on a little road trip to Eastern Passage! It was really nice to switch up our routine, although I'll admit I was a little nervous to totally break from our normal routine and try something different.  Not because I don't want to do different things, but because I worry about upsetting the delicate balance of life with a toddler and pets.   It was a good chance to go visit because this would be our last free day for a little while since the moving craziness begins tomorrow. Also, Lucy is off her walks this week since she injured her leg while playing on the weekend and so it wouldn't disrupt her routine too much.

8am - I've got my snacks and Elmo on the go.  Lets drive!
I was weary of driving just about 2 hours one way just me and Jack because I know he loves to run and play and being bound to his car seat would be a problem.  I came up with a clever way to keep him entertained for this trip.  Ziploc Bag + Ribbon = iPad case for the car.

I don't believe that kids should be glued to TV, nor that they need it all the time.  But honestly, when I'm driving and have no extra help I need some backup haha.

We arrived to Eastern Passage and enjoyed beautiful summer weather with a nice breeze!  The boys all played outside for quite a while!  There were SO many fun toys to play with, big water puddles, trucks, bubbles, balls and a slide! Jack was in heaven!

Nearly impossible to get both boys in the picture at once!
He surprised me by being much more reserved than usual - I think he was taking the time to just let it all sink in.  New place, new people and a little baby!  He liked Nicholas and whispered "bebe bebe Bebe" around him. Nicholas has got to be the most content little baby :) He didn't let the rowdy boys cramp his style at all and enjoyed a nice shady nap.

So precious!
Thomas was such a good sharer and seemed to love having another little boy to zoom around with.  I find it so funny to watch toddlers interact because they are still very much into themselves.  Jack notices other kids but when it comes down to it he wants to play with toys solo.  Thomas was very generous letting Jack play with all his toys I hope that Jack will return the favour when the time comes!

Both boys got soaking wet playing in a really neat overturned slide that is waiting to get attached to their deck. How cool would it be to slide from the deck? It was still really fun laying on the ground because they could play in the water it held. Hence the soaked and muddy clothes!
Jack ate his lunch in Thomas' big boy booster chair at the table (I loved it - we may be getting one!) and then his nap time haze hit so we piled back into the car.  I hesitantly set up the iPad because I knew that it might keep him awake from napping...

But it really didn't last long.  Jack was asleep the moment we got onto the highway!  The highlight of the drive back was listening to him mumble in his sleep and halfway home he woke up in a start and promptly ate a mouthful of cheerios like he has never been asleep.  Then fell back asleep in a blink.  What a fool!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our road-tripping Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. We loved having you guys! come again! :)