Monday, 3 June 2013

Results of our Renovation Weekend!

This 81st Apple Blossom weekend we didn't soak up much of the celebrations because we were too busy celebrating getting the keys to our house! Fortunately for the parade and concerts the weather was beautiful to be outside sipping cool drinks and relaxing.

Ripping up the first of the carpet Friday afternoon - goodbye old carpet!
 Unfortunately for us it was hot, humid, sweaty and generally uncomfortable to be ripping up carpet, having wallpaper gluey water running down your arms, and putting down laminate flooring. That said, we kicked butt getting things done! We spent LOTS of time at the house over the weekend with Dad working on projects and accomplished everything we hoped to and more this early in the game.

My victory picture of the kitchen/diningroom being wall paper free. Yippee!
Scotty ripping up staples while Dad was in the walking closet busting out the nail boards. 

We fell in love with Hawthorne Yellow for our livingroom/entryway/hallway from Pinterest pins.  It is a great sunshiney colour that is just a little more interesting than most yellows.  Since it is OUR place and not a rental that we are painting we weren't restrained to pick a colour that would suit everyones taste in the future or every kind of furniture that may move in after we leave.

The iphone pictures make the colours more severe than in real life, the yellow is more true to the above pictures in real life. Thank goodness - because this yellow on the screen looks a little too bold even for our tastes.
On Sunday we managed to get the walls primed enough to try out our main colour. 
A few brush strokes and we were sold :)!
Getting the pink out of the room really changed the whole mood of the place.  The natural light really allows the yellow to brighten up the room without blinding you which is what we were mainly concerned about.  The test patch really pleased us and we are ready to purchase more this week. :)!
Flooring going down into the spare room/craft room! Yippeee we're in love!
Dad was hard at work all day getting our awesome flooring down :)! We are really pleased with how it looks down on the floor in one of the bedrooms. It can be tricky to make that decision when you're  standing in Home Depot staring at a few pieces snapped together on the floor while the awesome sale price is ominously glaring at you.

Dad finishing up the room putting in the last few pieces at the end of  HOT day!
By the end of the day Sunday the flooring was down and Dad's ready to move onto the master bedroom next time we're there. We were able to reuse all our trim and the wooden thresholds - so much awesome budget savings there.
So much awesome - super Papa!

So today Jack and I were excited to get to spend the day together just the two of us since he had been having fun filled days with Mimi for the whole weekend.  They played in the pool, baked muffins, went shopping and gardened. He had awesome naps and was so excited to see the three of us when we came home from New Minas every day.  But truly I missed him! I don't think I've been away from him that much in a row each day since I was working full time.  Gah, today was great to be back with my little boy! Er, I mean little Rockstar!!

Jack asked to wear Mimi's rockstar wig this morning and happily walked around the house wearing it!
We had a nice peaceful day after doing our 5k walk (which was SO muggy but at least cooler than the last few days we've had) and spent the day playing inside, snuggling and reading.

Momma's dress became a plastic animal trampoline!
Oh yes, and did I mention how he's progressing with sharing?  REALLY WELL. Haha, our pets certainly have trained him to have a big heart and always share what he has whether it be a pillow, toys or snacks.  Sirius was holding out for cheese from Jack after refusing blueberry and cherries.

Hope all of you had a peaceful weekend tucked away from the hot hot weather and are feeling rested for the coming week!  Everyone seems to get busy around June getting prepared for summer plans in the great weather. We're definitely a part of the club this year - big move in two weeks ish!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!


  1. I don't think I will recognize your place, when I get to see it again! I loved my three days with Jack though..and he sure taught me a lot! I also forgot how tiring it is to be a full time stay home mom.... whew... you make it look so easy Michelle!

  2. WOW! So much accomplished in such a short time! Looks great and love love love the Hawthorne yellow.. such a happy colour without "blinding" you. :) Way to go you 3 and Mimi for keeping young Jack occupied and safe while all the renos are happening. Perfect that you can get all this done BEFORE moving in. Hopefully the H2's will be visiting next summer. Love KofO

  3. Side Note: You need to frame that photo of JackJack with his mud splattered face and Tilley hat - the expression on his face is priceless!!!KofO

  4. Wish we were there to help. BTW Jack you're getting to be a big boy! Love

    Nana T & Grampie