Sunday, 30 June 2013

Mail-Order Peony

You can buy perennials on the Internet and have them live in a box through the mail between the nursery and your garden?! Who knew!

Okay I did. But I didn't really believe it was possible for it to work out. I found a great online site called "Blooms Canada" and they were reasonably priced with good selection.  Let me tell you - it worked out perfectly!
Darling little peony getting settled in!

Ever since I spent a summer working at Halifax Seed (best shop in Halifax to suit all your gardening needs. Seriously, go there!) I have learned to appreciate the beauty of gardening, landscaping and perennials. Trust me, before working there the idea of gardening was overwhelming an I believed it was honestly just too much work for plants. Especially when some of them don't have flowers!! They truly converted me and by the end of the summer our duplex in Dartmouth was surrounded with greenery, flowers and perennials. When we moved to Fredericton I transplanted as many as I could, but when we moved again it was the middle of winter and impossible for me to dig up things. I had a favorite peony planted there that only bloomed once. I did check back on it last summer before we moved and it was doing fabulously. Go figure!
There it is, Peek! (as Jack would say) there is the tiny little peony ready to grow up!
Now that we have settled (yay!) I can honestly dig into the ground knowing I'll get to enjoy the plants for more than one season! It didn't occur to me to shop online until this beautiful peony caught my eye on Pinterest.

Hubba hubba! It's called Sorbet and it has beautiful white and pink double blooms. Grows large and enjoys the sun. I've picked a perfect place for it in front of the house! Jack had a lovely afternoon nap giving me tons of time to tackle our front yard. The planting and taking of our mulch out front was just enough time spent outside in the hot weather!
Gardening time done Momma, I'm ready to play!
While we're reluctant to do too much gardening in the back yard because we hope to do some big landscaping projects in the next year, we are eager to spruce up our front yard. :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our green-thumbed Happily Hectic Household!


  1. it is stunning, and what a beautiful plant to commemorate your new home.

  2. So pretty! I love peonys, they are so gorgeous and full!