Monday, 10 June 2013

It was a Painting Palooza!

This weekend we tackled the big pink monster that was our upstairs walls.  With just half the foyer done with primer it already felt bigger and brighter.  Another reason why Scotty and I are just perfect for each other: He doesn't mind tall ladders. I would rather not climb them, but especially with a paint roller in my hand!

Our lovely livingroom is finally yellow :) We're loving the total mood changing quality a fresh coat of paint has and we definitely soaked in the new look.  It is really starting to feel like our home now!

When the foyer was completely primed it was almost too white to handle! We couldn't get over how bright everything was and are excited to see it mellow out with some yellow in the coming week.

Lucky for us we had some great helpers come and join our painting palooza!  My Aunt Kim and Cousin Caleigh came to help us paint.  They tackled our bathroom which is changing over from a reddish beige to a "Gentle Rain" grey.  Originally we thought it would be fine to leave the bathroom that colour but once we realized the wall needed repairing behind the towel rack it was time to repaint!

We are so thankful to have help because all this painting can be overwhelming when there are many rooms and only a few painters. Our happy helpers did a fab job in the bathroom! I didn't get any final pics taken since we still have one wall to finish up so you'll have to check back later to see that!

Speaking of final product... the floors are down :)! Dad just has a bit of trim to cut and put back in place then we are officially floored haha.  But really, we love how the floors look and couldn't be more appreciative of the awesome work Papa did.  And his entertaining singing has made everything more enjoyable.

I got on our front step at one point and when I came back in I LOVED coming back to a beautiful yellow hallway.  It really changes our front entry and certainly your first impression of the house! Yippeee!

After a long day of painting we were all ready for some fun! Kim and Caleigh brought Jack some awesome blocks which really were hilarious.   Jack loves blocks and has had a blast playing with them.
 Of course he isn't the only one, we all like to get into some fun block building! This guy loves to laugh, and he loves it more when there is a room full of people laughing with him.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!


  1. Reading your blog is a catch-22 for me - I love seeing what you guys are getting up to, but then I'm just reminded of how much I miss you! Congrats on the house, it's really taking shape :)

  2. That little laugh of Jack's is so sweet. Love it. The house is looking great.

  3. Singing? Singing? He was singing? how many times can I type 'singing' in a comment? Well that's 4. ;) I wish I could be there to help too - except I'm not a very good painter and even worse singer. It's looking good and brightness in a home is never a bad thing. KofO