Monday, 17 June 2013

Home Renovations: The Last Few Reno Projects!

This weekend we spent both days finishing up all our projects because this Friday coming is when our movers arrive and we move in :) How exciting!  It also meant that we wanted to get these projects finished so we didn't need to worry about it once our things were trying to get into place.
Truest photo yet by the iPhone capturing our main upstairs flooring and wall colour Hawthorne Yellow. 
We finished all our painting mid afternoon on Sunday which was just so awesome! We were really relieved that we could get it all finished because it was a good sized spot to prime and paint two coats.  Team work success!
Snapped right after we finished the kitchen and entry way :) Wahoo! Home owner bliss - no more pink walls!
There were lots of other little things to complete this weekend that we checked off our list. 

Brainstorming, measuring, shimming, fitting... I'm totally more appreciative of doors.
Scott and Dad installed a door mid-hallway downstairs to help sound proof the office.  Since we got a pre-hung door it was not too complicated but of course there was more to it than I expected. I'm glad we did it with someone who had done it before because it was a lot of fiddly work to make it fit just right.  We took down the chair rail upstairs in our dining room (more on that in another blog) and were able to reuse it downstairs as trim for the door!

We have gotten some new light fixtures in the upstairs hallway, bedrooms, dining room and entryway.  Never having installed a chandelier before I was appalled at how much assembly is actually required.  Thank goodness we know a guy who is handy :) We have a few more fixtures to install this week during the evenings but they already make a big difference in the appearance of an empty room.

What ever could we need with such a tiny door? Well, that is for our cats to get to the kitty litter! Its an ingenious way to make sure Lucy doesn't get into the litter box, and we don't need to have it around in the open.  We're going to put the litter in small storage room and they can go in no problem through the cat door in the wall.  We decided not to put it in the door because it is a much simpler repair in case we want to change locations. It went it perfect and we're excited to have a good solution for the litter box to be free from Jack or Lucy interference.

There were lots of other things to do like put the mirror up in the bathroom again (don't worry it is straight, the picture is crooked) and take down all the tape around the house once the paint was good and dry!  It was amazing how great the yellow looked without the green tape.  Hallelujah for a living room we love!

We also bustled around the house tidying, putting away tools, unpacking a few boxes of things that didn't go with the movers and bagging garbage.

The most offensive interpretation of Hawthorne Yellow the iPhone has done.  But as you can see it is all painted and no more wallpaper or chair rail! 
We of course have a reno list in our mind a mile long, but we are really satisfied with the work that got done before we moved in with all our things, baby and pets.  It is exciting to see all the changes and I will put together a Before/After blog this week!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our glad-to-be-done-the-short-list-of-renos Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Such a lot accomplished in a (really) short amount of time by a hard working crew. You should be very proud. Can't wait to see photos of you moved in and having your first official 'meal' at your table in your new home.