Monday, 24 June 2013

Getting settled into a sea of boxes!

Well we are moved into our house and have spent our first night :) we all had great sleeps and it is feeling more and more like home by the minute! The delivery of a beautiful flower arrangement today really brightened up our home :) Thanks so much Nana Dawn and Gamp!

We are feverishly unpacking things to make life comfortable while we get settled. Until you're fully unpacked its the annoyingly important things you have trouble locating. A colinder or Jacks stash of matching socks (of course no problem finding the stash of unmatched socks) have proved illusive for the moment although they're surely here somewhere in the sea of boxes.

Scott superbly unpacked 90% of our kitchen and got it all in a great layout before we moved in so that has been a dream. Although I have no idea where anything is its definitely better than having to dig through boxes!

Jacks which-way-to-the-beach?! pose really means "that way is my playroom. Make it happen Momma!" He is in love with the big play space downstairs which was a huge selling feature for us. Again it is dazzlingly pink but mellowed compared to the previous upstairs colour.

Best of all the downstairs rec room is is large enough to accommodate a play room and TV/Family room so we can enjoy Jack playing and be comfortable on a couch. I must say my morning coffee (although very early at 5:30 this morning) was comfortable snuggled up on our beloved sectional.

We decided to separate the sectional to allow for best viewing of the TV and it nicely separates the playroom from the TV room too. While we weren't in favour of separating them at first, it really worked perfectly! I also like how it lowers the chances of Jack running into the post while he's flailing around playing.

With all the shelving and all Jacks toys I'm excited (that's right genuine excitement about toy storage!) to have a place for everything and use bins to keep a lot of his small toys organized.

Our pets are settling in magnificently. I actually was anticipating much more of a problem! They are in love with the many-degrees-cooler basement with carpet and all their familiar furniture.

Lucy and Sirius (sworn enemies since Lucy came into our family) have been strangely snuggly - with each other!! Over 2,000 sq ft of living space and they must share the same half sectional.

All I can say is we are happy to be here :) must be contagious!
I would post more pictures but honestly it all just looks the same. Large furniture with tons of boxes surrounding them. We hope to make some great progress before Wednesday because that is when our upstairs furniture set arrives! Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!


  1. I looks great considering you moved in two days ago. Post all the photos you like: Jack, animals and some of you and STH smiling in your new home too! Love KofO

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