Monday, 13 May 2013

Why Everyone Should Have Their Own Blog & More Shameless Goat Pictures

This is why I think everyone should write their own blogs. I would love to follow along more people's daily blog that I actually know in real life (if you make your own blog I promise I will follow it - do it!). It is a really fun way to document your life, your family and your kids. And then you would all know how ridiculous it seems sometimes when you're writing a post. It's incredible how much you can come up with to blog that's interesting and other days only things that would interest yourself. Today is one of those days, my friends.

My new outfit today is a comfy black tee and grey cargo pants that roll up nicely into capris.  Since this morning was chilly they were the perfect choice! I'm digging the comfortable outfits this season - nothing too ridiculous since I need to be able to be flexible enough to wrangle a toddler tantrum or bike with the trailer.  
Teeny little baby goat charming us :).
Oh yes, he was so thrown off he refused to use the right end of the spoon.  God forbid I force him to do anything while he eats so he had a painfully slow snack time but managed to eat it all off the end of the spoon. 
We had a great day walking this morning, we even went for a bike ride! 6kms and somewhere along the way Jack fell asleep in the trailer after a big snack. Which naturally messed up his whole day. This resulted in a later nap that was short and a bunch of snacks rather than big meals. C'est la vie its Monday and we're all getting back into the grind.
My best attempt at a picture of Jack AND I riding the cement cow at Oaklawn. Jack didn't want to share the cow or have our picture taken together. Ah life. 
We did get to the zoo today which was definitely the highlight for Jack. He loved seeing his goat friends and thoroughly enjoyed both running around and relaxing in his stroller snacking. The goats are so wonderfully gentle when they eat corn from your hands I have no reservations about letting Jack feed them now.  He doesn't even feed them the proper way but insists of giving them little pinches of corn or throwing handfuls at them.

Feeding the little goat some corn!  I think it is adorable to see babies feeding babies. 
Jack and his entourage of goats.  He loves these guys! Naturally they love him since he is bringer of the corn treats.
I had to share this video of him feeding (because I loved it) just to demonstrate how happy he is feeding these goats.  Buying the season pass to Oaklawn was the best investment for Jack and I to get out and enjoy the weather together. Oh, and of course all the adorable cutie-pootie animals at the zoo!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!

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