Friday, 31 May 2013

Welcome to our Home Day One: Get the keys and get set up for reno's!

Happiest Home owners around :)!
We firstly wanted to send a big shout out and thank you to everyone who has been sending us messages of love for our big day of getting the house keys.  We are SO excited to dive into this project of making the home ours and its so nice to have everyone excited along with us! We definitely felt the love today! Thankyou!

I got lots of pictures of the interior - however the lighting wasn't the best since it was SO DARN beautiful out today to begin Apple Blossom weekend :). Tomorrow I'm going to post the video walkthrough series I took today which gives you a much better idea of how things are situated. 

We had a smooth morning getting the keys to the house and spent the day getting set up to begin some renos.  We enjoyed the whole hype of getting the house, our realtor was amazing and had everything perfect for us, and she even made arrangements to have our lawn mowed for us this week. :) We had an  overall great experience with Debbie Beckwith from Royal LaPage Atlantic - if you are looking for real estate in the Valley you should definitely meet with her.  Debbie went the extra mile to make us comfortable with every step of the way, answered all of our one thousand questions so patiently, and gave us her full attention whenever we needed her.

Come on in - we finally got to use the keys to open up the place!

The previous owners left us a lovely note along with all the keys.  We have thought about them a lot as this was their home from the beginning.  We were so excited for our big day, but knew that their day must be bitter sweet saying goodbye to their home and moving on.  It meant a lot to us to have a nice message from them.

Kitchen from standing inside the dining room. 
Kitchen front on!
Livingroom with our awesome camping chairs set up haha.  We aren't bringing in our furniture until mid June when all of the major reno's are complete. So we felt that these should be here to keep us comfy - and it's a bit of a moving tradition for us. 
Our rockin' fireplace! They even left the adorable candle holder inside they were using which we really liked. 
Inside the master bedroom looking at our door, the walk in closet and our ensuite.
Wallpapered dining room ... ugh! (I provide a lovely close up in my video so you can appreciate the pattern!)

Once we did our tour and snapped pictures it was off to pick up paint, flooring and light fixtures. We hit up Home Depot, Kent, and Happyy Harry's to be sure we were spending our $$ wisely! We landed a great deal on some nice complimentary 12mm laminate flooring for the bedrooms which was our great deal of the day.  We were able to get our light fixtures affordably but certainly enjoyed the outlandishly HUGE fixtures on display and had fun imagining them in our home.  You must need a REALLY big home for some of these things! Not to mention a big bank account!

Also, when we were leaving our house for the first time a lovely little ladybug hopped onto my shirt and went with us for errands.  Hahah, cute and a lovely omen :)

Anyway, stay tuned to the blog this weekend.  We're posting our video walk through tomorrow and Jack's first run around the house too! Happy Apple Blossom weekend everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household... in our new House!


  1. I have another picture of you on a moving day, with a ladybug on your arm. A positive omen for sure.! A beautiful home for you to make your own!

  2. A big day in your lives together and I'm glad it went off so smoothly... great shot of STH putting the key in the door. Just imagine years from now looking back on this special day. Congratulations again kids - I can't wait to come visit!!! Love KofO