Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Toddler Tuesday: Cycling Success and Exploring a new park!

Now that the weather is getting so lovely we have been able to do much more outings (without freezing to death) than we were able to do even a month ago.  Despite running errands around town I made lots of time to get out and go biking.  I picked stopping at this park because it would give me lots of time to rest up before biking back.  It turns out I probably didn't need the rest but stopping at the park was TOTALLY worth it.

Ready to wrestle an angry croc!
There are two play structures at the park geared to different age groups. We headed to the littler one and  I was amazed at how fun it was! Everything was perfect for Jack. Nothing was too hot in the bright sunshine, nothing that splinters, and no perilous drop offs to make sure Jack doesn't fall from.

Most awesome feature - the ground! It is that kind of playground base that is made from recycled tires or something so it has a lot of give to it incase Jack decided to take a tumble.

At the top of the slide! 
Jack enjoyed the ride to the park and even shrieked "wheeee!" as we went over bumps!  I managed to avoid all traffic and only once came across someone where I ended up doing some off roading on the grass to get around them.   I kept my cool and actually ended up enjoying the journey out which I was secretly terrified to set out on.   Whew!
Play structure that is easy for an adult to follow their kid into - so much awesome. 
When it was time to leave the park Jack did his usual wild-flaily-screaming-followed-by-immediate-dead-weight routine. Except the moment I mentioned that it was time to go on the bike he really lit up and was eager for me to carry him back to the parked trailer.  Victory!!  A nice departure from how leaving the park usually goes...

Posing because he knows he is so darn cute!

Mugging on the slide - this kid LOVES to have his picture taken!
We spent 30 minutes after the park just biking around all the deserted streets in the PMQ's and Jack had a snack of penguin crackers.  The only draw back was the intense wind we had going on and while it was great for cooling us down, it was no so great for the person powering our convoy.  When the wind was blowing head on it felt like Jack's trailer had its imaginary brakes on and I really had to peddle to get anywhere.  Naturally I got creative and zig zagged my route back to the house through treed areas. I  may be enthusiastic to bike but I don't want to be dead tired and sore tomorrow!

6.5 Km later and we survived :)!  
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our successful- cycling Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Love your hat Jack. Very Aussie! I know that park - it's over by the outdoor pools by the Apple Bowl & Chapels, isn't it? You are very lucky to have a Mum that will take you out exploring like that. Have fun