Monday, 6 May 2013

The Bike Trailer: A new addition to our daily routine

I've heard (from my homeboy Tony Robbins - love him) that if you say things with confidence and believe them to have already happened they can easily become a part of your reality. So my confident announcement that the bike trailer is a new addition to our routine is my way of helping myself believe it is possible.

This all began last year while I spent nearly every day as a regular on the Fredericton trails. They are amazing!  Of course I had little baby Jack in his BOB with Lucy and we walked a ton.  I encountered many bikers and with that came the bike trailers.  I loved seeing the kids in them because they were having a blast, enjoying a snack, or having a good snooze.  I knew I wanted to have one for Jack and it would be a great way for me to exercise.  Of course the whole thing unravelled when I found out how much they cost.  But one yard sale and $35 later (thanks Grammie) this was going to happen!

Our kick butt bike trailer! Also doubles as a jogging stroller which is great if we didn't have the BOB.
 Getting all cleaned up for its first trip out.
I'm certainly not a nervous biker. I remember biking furiously up and down the neighbourhood on my sweet red BMX bike dad assembled from a kit all summer long for what felt like my whole childhood.  I love biking and have awesome memories of it. But actually, when I pondered this I had a hard time pinning down exactly when was the last time I went biking.  The more I thought about it the more concerned I became and felt like this whole "go biking with Jack" brain child was too much.  I realized its possible I haven't biked since I was .. maybe 16? Which didn't seem that bad to me until I realized that was actually 10 years ago. AGH!

Just leaving the driveway - so tense!
Of course they say that riding a bike is something you'll never forget how to do but I did seriously question my ability to bike safely with Jack in a TRAILER ATTACHED TO MY BIKE.  The thought actually was terrifying.  I felt that wave of complete crazy anxiety for my child's safety akin to when we drove him home from the hospital and I badgered Scott not to drive too fast (Because 45km was TOO FAST) and sniped every time he turned too quickly.

Jack after we got back from our zoom around the block! Loved it and SO ready for more.  Also - his bike helmet was an AWESOME Kijiji find for $10!
I spent a lot of the afternoon scrubbing down the new-to-us bike trailer we got for $35 at a yardsale.  With some minor repairs to the tires and a serious scrubbing down with soap and a brush then vinegar (my new cleaning obsession) spritzed on and sunshine to dry (but we saved at least $150 buying this used rather than new - LOVE IT) the trailer was ready. But was I??

This cute little face told me everything - "I love this! Momma we are going biking - now".  Surprisingly, I did just fine going down the road and felt encouraged so I went around the block.  Of course the hill up the next road was unwelcome and biking on the actual road and not the sidewalk nearly gave me a heart attack.  Papa caught up with us halfway on our short journey and I felt better having backup.  We made it back to the house and Jack was SO excited.  I felt the relief of pulling into the driveway and knew it would take some getting used to.  Papa took Jack out for a quick spin and I decided I need to come up with a game plan to be able to do this without stressing years off my life.

So tonight I went out with Scott on a mission to get comfortable biking with the trailer.  Scott was my backup incase I got into trouble or killed myself driving around.  He was very patient and reassuring! We left Jack behind and so I had no reservations about trying out new routes.  It was the best thing! We biked through a ton of paths and I took it over lots of bumps, corners and tight squeezes to understand how it handled.  After 5km of biking I felt pretty confident.  I am ready to go out on my own tomorrow with Jack - eep. Wish us luck!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our cautiously-optimistic-biking Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Good for you Michelle! You and Jack will both love it. In a few years you can snooze in the trailer with Jack providing the horsepower!