Sunday, 5 May 2013

One and a Half birthday celebrations!

We celebrated Jack turning one and a half today! It was a beautiful day outside and we enjoyed playing all day. In the early morning we headed to our favorite park with Auntie Ashley. Jack even got to bring his big truck because we didn't have Lucy to also manage walking over there. Sadly I somehow forgot to snap any pics because I was too busy catching up with Ash! Safe to say, we had a blast.

Scotty and I picked up the most amazing creation at Superstore today to celebrate Jack's half birthday - Chocolate-Brownie-Chunk-Caramel-Nut-Chocolate-Glazed-Cheesecake deliciousness. Okay that might not be the actual name on the tag, but that is exactly what it was.

Today Jack was an absolute crankpot one minute and then a delightful little peach the next.  (I know we all feel that way recovering from illness, but its acceptable for him to wear his wild mood swings on his sleeve). Thankfully we caught him at just the right moment to do "One and a Half" cake pictures.

I know that in a perfect world I would have slaved away at an amazingly delicious organic, healthy, one-serving-of-vegetables-per-slice, ornate, adorable kind of cake.  But in light of all the awesomely inspiring articles and blog posts I've read in the last couple weeks about just accepting that no one can be the perfect parent and you are doing great just loving your kid, I opted for this delicious store bought cake.  And I am sure was happier for it :) because this cake rocked!

Our most exciting moment of the celebrations when Jack blew out the candles UNPROMPTED by us (because we were still trying to get a family photo!) Notice Grammie's awesome photography and got the candles mid-blow. I'm sure Jack's action was inspired by all his exposure to the "Birthdays" episode of Elmo this week. 
Our little fussy champ even had a bite of the cake, and then spit it out into Momma's hand. Ah glorious motherhood. Strangely that doesn't even phase me anymore, neither does the bare handed snot wiping. (Sorry to all my childless couple friends that are now refusing to ever have kids because they don't wanna be "that mom" I just described haha).

It was exactly a year ago today Jack tried his first bite of solid foods - it has been one heck of a year!

Flash back to May 2012 for Jack's half birthday celebrations where he sampled sweet potato!

Serious flash back - May 2011! The baby bump watch 16 weeks pregnant!

Yikes - where has the time gone?!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Happily Hectic Household!


  1. Where has the time gone? I still clearly remember your mom agonizing about when to leave for Fredericton for the blessed event. Now, here it is 18 months later! Wow! So, that means it has been 18 months that we have all been enjoying all the sweet pics and posts you have made of this special little guy! Happy 1.5 to Jack!

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  3. Does this mean that Jack's great grandmother is having a half-birthday too since he was born on my 80th birthday? Wish I could share his cake.
    Love to all,
    Great Nana Dawn