Thursday, 9 May 2013

No more baby stuff, Momma!

This little guy is growing up - and he is making it known! Jack had put his foot down when it comes to meal times. He has decided he's no longer pleased with having anyone else feed him. Which would be alright if he was practiced up with utensils. I didn't even notice how much we were helping him until the help is unwelcome. But now that he refuses any help he's getting a lot of practice!

Mess mess mess mess - but he's learning a ton!

We have had to restrain ourselves from insisting on helping him if he can't get the spoon to his mouth without spilling. He gets very upset if he looks like we are going to intervene so it's been a messy few mealtimes!

I guess that I didn't even realize how much if the spoon feeding we did because its just cleaner and quicker but certainly didn't give him any chances to learn himself. He's well on his way and improving tons just over a few meals.

With patience on both our parts, the right spoon and forks for the job and easily scoopable food Jack is really doing it on his own! Just a huge reminder that this little guy is growing up and I need to let him do more for himself.
Experimenting with different ways of putting food in his mouth has quickly taught him which is most effective.
He's so proud of himself - and I'm enjoying his new found independence although it led to some pretty heated debates before I realized he was right. Its better this way because now I can enjoy my meals fully along with him rather than my food going cold. 

Here's some footage of his accomplishments! He's very proud and doesn't mind getting spilled on.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our independent-toddler Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. Yay Jack. Making a mess is fun too. We love you!

    Nana & Grampie