Sunday, 26 May 2013

Musical Motivation: Learning to Run 5k and Starships!

I have been inspired to take up running, just after I seemed to make peace with the fact with that I'd likely never be a good runner.  With spring here and SO MANY DARN PEOPLE ON MY FACEBOOK/TWITTER running marathons (no really, thanks guys! Keep sharing your successes you are inspiring!) Well - I'm just not ready to settle yet!  I love my morning 5k walks with Lucy and Jack but I really wanted to push myself to get into running. If that's possible. And don't worry, there is an app for that. :)

I have a theory about working out and big plans.   If you make the plans and they involve buying lots of things to start you off its just not going to happen.  Spending the $$ alone seems to bring enough satisfaction towards the goal that I stop there.  I know I'm not alone in this because there is an absurd amount of tredmills, bo-flexes and ellipticals for sale on Kijiji that are "LIKE NEW" or "NEVER USED".  With that in mind I opted for the highest rated free app so I didn't invest too much and give up before I start.
Great 5K Runner app that voice prompts over your music, beeps,  awards you badges and I'm sure other things I haven't figured out yet.
So with the App downloaded I realized that I would need to have some seriously great music (or at least thumpy pop stuff) to run to... which I wasn't feeling confident about.  To be brutally honest my playlist on my iPhone is mostly classic rock and Raffi. I don't keep a ton of music on it to save room for pictures that I'm constantly snapping.   I headed to iTunes and picked the first exercise playlist I found and felt confident that if I only spent a few bucks on songs I won't give up.  I spend more on coffee in a week.

So tonight I headed out and had great success.  Whew, that is encouraging. But that BEST part was not being awarded the "Lion Badge" in my app (which I don't even know what I won it for... but I do like the idea of being rewarded for doing just one workout) but was the playlist.  One song in particular that made my face absolutely split into a foolish grin.  My sister sent me this video of a whole bunch of scenes from Sci-fi shows and movies to the song Starships.  I think it was months ago now, but it was hilarious.  The cuts are so quick that I watched it maybe 5-6 times that night just to see everything.  I never really thought about it again until tonight about 6 minutes into my run.  (Also, I texted all this to you Steph. Then I realized you don't have your phone! Eep I've been texting you for a while now...)

Click here to see this particular video for Starships!

 A little snippit from the video for "Starships!" from a hilarious movie!
I actually burst into a snorting laughter when I realized what song had come on (sadly I didn't recognize it until the chorus).  It was a great pick me up and I actually busted out some pretty righteous dance moves.  Doesn't bother me in the least that I was in front of Needs and there were cars zooming by - just means the song was THAT good. Or the visuals I could remember were!! I suppose it isn't as funny to people who don't enjoy Sci-fi, but you can at least appreciate the motivation of a great song unexpectedly on your playlist or radio.

Wish me luck on this endeavour. Sharing to the blog somehow commits me to my goal subjecting me to social pressure. Hahah :) I'm okay with that - I think it is a great way to use social media if it gets me to stick to my goals.  Now, I'm off to decide between watching Independence Day or some Battlestar Gallactica.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying another post about our Starship-loving Happily Hectic Household!

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  1. lol, no worries. I actually should be getting my phone back today or tomorrow... the girl who borrowed it is finally out of the hospital!

    and boy do I know the addictiveness of that video. It's just a so-so song for me, but the sheer awesome of the video has gotten it onto more playlists...